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Unmarked Car I Haven't Seen Before

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. This is probably old news to many of you, but it was a new one on me. I'm in Canberra at the moment and, on the way home on the bus this afternoon, I passed the aftermath of a traffic bingle. What really interested me was that one of the attending cop cars was a black Holden SS ute with its blue and reds concealed in its tail light clusters (couldn't see what it had at the front), which would have rendered them invisible if they hadn't been on.


    In WA the unmarked cars aren't too hard to spot if you've got your eyes open but the coppers over here seem to be a bit smarter about the camouflage.

  2. LOL you haven't seen NSW marked Highway patrol cars then...

    they are called High Vis. from front on it just looks like a white sedan, the lights on the roof are clear and low profile (very difficult to see) basically it is unmarked. there is no markings on the bonnet either. from the back and side though it is emblazoned with Hi Vis blue and orange police insignia and safety message on the back bumper.

    one of these tailing you or coming straight at you is nearly impossible to detect.
  3. Just thank the gods that the cops tend to keep their cars clean! ;)
  4. Like this one?

  5. Now that is DIRTY..... in a couple of senses of the word.
  6. LOL... Now sit down over there and think about what you have done.
  7. Jesus guys, if you're on a bike and a 200 series is chasing and you can't outrun it you should hang your head in shame
  8. The giveaway would still be the extra antennas though, right? I've yet to see an unmarked car without the extra comms visible externally.
  9. Wrong. Plenty of unmarked cars with no extra or visible antennas, such as the one mentioned by Pat.
  10. You were too busy look for antennas which don't always exist and missed all the other give always.
  11. Hi

    Was at the Blokes Day Out in Melbourne today and the Police had a display as well. One of the HWYP cars was there with no markings on the front as described above.

    What I found most interesting looking in the drivers window was the attached sticker which said -

    The digital Speedo in this car has been calibrated to be accurate to + or - 2 kph.

    So if they can only get it right in a 4 kph range what hope do the rest of us have?????

    Food for thought if you get one of our marvellous new low range speeding tickets.

    Cheers Jeremy
  12. The aerial count was useful 20 years ago but is no longer current.

    I tend to be wary of anything with additional equipment on either dash or parcel shelf unless I can positively identify it as non-police.
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  13. I've seen a 200 series unmarked police car towing a boat to make it look like they were going out fishing/camping for the long weekend until they pulled someone over with all their flashing lights.