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ACT Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Drones to Track 'Vehicles of Interest'

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by alexanderino, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. From The Canberra Times:
    Your thoughts?

  2. 1984 was a major typo.

    If people want to reside in a surveillance-happy police state, England already exists. Look how well that's gone for 'em.
  3. how was anything but

  4. now where is my foil hat....
  5. Now all they need to do is take a leaf out of the book of the American military, and fit missiles to the drones...
  6. ****ing hell, this is becoming ludicrous! How far will they go in their efforts to stop us from speeding? So much effort to reduce the road toll, but why? Why do they care so much?
  7. Hmmm, surface to air missiles could be the ultimate solution to this problem, imagine if they started using these & someone managed to shoot one down...
  8. Your Government loves you

    The bureaucrats need to keep you as a living breathing taxpayer so that you can fund their lives
  9. who said anything in that whole written bullshit about reducing the road toll.......??

    all I see there is is gubbmint bastids wringing their hands together wondering how "there may be scope to reduce the tolerance level to increase infringement numbers"
  10. Everyone wants to perform well at their job.
  11. Wow. UAV's?! Fark me. That is ridiculous.
  12. It's getting quite silly, isn't it?
  13. Are motorists that tripping a 3km/h margin seriously worthy of being treated as serious criminals? So much so that it warrants such expense like UAV's FFS?

    When they say the risk of fatality doubles 5km/h over, it's like probability of 0.0001 to 0.0002* . It's still very unlikely.

    * will need to track down the study to insert actual numbers - but it's something like that.
  14. we are a weak and gullible public. we will bend over and take it.

    can you imagine the general publics reaction to fitting speed cameras in Mexico, or east LA.

    speed camera would have a bullet hole through it about 15 seconds after it was installed.

    Aussies need to HTFU
  15. Hopefully this is one of those cops asking for their wish list thing. I think any pollie would recognise that it won't fly with the public (pun intended).
  16. Oh yeah, Im just waiting for the speed death star to take up orbit over australia.

    Sorry I mean "safety death star"
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  17. Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps the reason for the 'extra' measures and 'their' persistence in this 'speed' campaign by bringing/revealing more and more 'covert' and high-tech equipment is much more involved in reasons other than just speed ?
    We live in a world where we're being 'controlled' at an increasing rate. Who can do this ? Of course - policing/governing authorities.
    Big Brother - I'd like to think it's just a myth...something tells me this is just the beginning...

    LOL @ Speed Death Star !
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  18. now thats some funny shit

    Nickers you know what its like considering your line of work

    Terrorism ( threat of it ) is here to stay as a means to justify greater surveillance of the populace
  19. Surveillance-happy police state? If youve done nothing wrong why do you care if youre on camera?
    However, the rhetoric about ANY speed cameras being "Safety" oriented in this country is absolute bollocks. The speed cameras in the uk - Placed in black spots, big yellow boxes on poles, and guess what happens when people know theyre coming up on them? They slow down, THIS is a safety camera. A camera half hidden on a pole or a rozzer with a gun hidden behind bushes has sweet **** all to do with safety and everything to do with raising revenue... what do we all think would happen if everybody refused to pay their fines for a few months? Civic compliance would be in the shit!

  20. ^^^This. Anywhere else in the world and there actually would be be people with SAM's shooting them down! Do our military even have UAV's?? If Australia is buying UAV's I would much rather them being used to back up our boys in Afganistan than to ping people for doing 5km over the speed limit. FFS our soldiers are literally fighting with the ass out of their pants at the moment!

    Hopefully this is a beat up but I can't believe this is even being mentioned as a serious option. Is it April fools day or something?