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Unlucky - stealth coppers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by listek, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. I was driving home last night past the Glenlock interchange and passed some poor bugger who had been pulled over by a couple of cops in an unmarked cop car. Now this is nothing unusual itself, save for the fact that the unmarked cop car had a trailer on the back with a couple of dirt bikes on it. I'm wondering if they were off for a weekends riding somewhere, if they were coming back from somewhere, or if they were just being extra sneaky by making their car look a bit more innocuous. :?

  2. coming back from a days work i'd say.
  3. Beach or park patrol bikes, they have them on the eastern track in melb sometmes.
  4. does it make a difference? can off duty cops pull people over?
  5. On or off duty, a cop is still a cop. Same powers of arrest etc... (Feel sorry for then sometimes, at least I can forget work at 3.30 pm until 7 am......)

    Edit: After saying the above, I recalled a certain bloke on a busa in the twisties (not saying where) that was a stranger to the regulars, he could really ride and made very good use of the busa, couple of days later I saw a bike cop using a laser speed thing. Same bloke.. ( as I went past I noticed that he lowered the gun thing for me and the whole group) :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. and if some bloke wearing shorts, thongs and Tshirt while driving a Hyundai claiming to be a copper tries to book me I reckon I'd have a few words to say to him.
    Something like...prove it of f*** off.
  7. We got pulled up by a cop in a Ford Territory, Turboed, He was doing at least 250 klms per hour to catch up to us, He had pillows and blankets in the back, He made out he was just trying to race bikes over a 30 klm stretch of road. He also passed a bus on a blind left hand corner over double lines at over 200 klms, when he pulled us up, he was going over a blind crest over bouble lines, anything coming the other way, would have been a head on, or wiped four of us out. He turned his lights on right at the top of the crest,
    Two laws, one for them, one for us.
  8. Not too sure if anyone knows this but is there a speed limit that the police have to stop chasing due to public safety??
  9. Nope (Not TMU anyway).
    They however are meant to call off a chase "when it is not safe to continue".
    In other words a judgement call.
    Pursuits (not just "stops") are actually controlled by a copper back at HQ who can order it terminated if in his opinion it becomes unsafe.
  10. If they don't bother checking into HQ, however... they just pretty much do whatever they want, until they pull you over ^_^

    :arrow: So if you can get ahead, pull over and hide, letting them fly past at a million miles an hour, THEY might get busted instead, with no excuse coz they hadn't reported a pursuit :grin:
  11. i've twice had 'off duty' police try and pull me over or pull me up for something, both times they didn't have enough ID to convince me so i called the local station and asked them, they basically said unless they have proper badge ID then to ignore...
  12. ohh good topic.

    I was in one of my old cages, the GTR my name reffers to, on the Hume heading to VIC at night, doing about 120, saw the pretty lights come on behind me...

    So I hammered the brake pedal as hard as I could without leaving brake marks (ABS), (I had huge brakes on the front, the thing stopped very very well) and pulled over, the cops were coming up so fast behind me they had to swerve back onto the road whilst under full ABS shake to miss destroying my car,

    I was doing 120, stopped very quick, they expected me to have slowed up gently and pulled over, why bother I was the only car on the road at the time..and plus I have been given a good tip that this method works very well.

    Anyway they had to be doing well over 200 to catch me so fast, at least, and not to mention they stoped about 50 meters from me..

    Strangely enough after they reversed up I was only given a warning..

    After I managed to mention, 'wow, lucky I didnt get out you guys would have killed me, how fast were you going?'
  13. We want to get away with going as fast as we can why wouldn't they, I would if i was a cop.
  14. But you are not employed to enforce the law.
    If you were dont you think you should be expected to set an example by the greater public who you are in fact enforcing the law on?

    I am extremely lost on your logic.

    If I was a cop I would be fighting crime, not booking people doing 55 in a 50 zone.
  15. That's why you couldn't be a cop, you are not making money for the government fighting crime.
  16. I dont know, selling drugs on the side from busts should probably build up the poli's pockets?? :p
  17. I once had a guy pull up next to me at some lights and start telling me he was a op and i should stop speeding.

    I blow him a kiss and he fired up. I rode off :D
  18. hey anythign to hit their quota even on their days off....
  19. Some people are just on some sort of power trip.
  20. means they have less to do when on shift LOL

    Rb30gtr that's a valid point, considering all the stories lately of officers breaking the road rules off duty. People always speed up when they are following a police car in traffic........ not a good example.

    I always thought they had to abide by the speed limit unless on official duties with blues and two's going......