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Unlucky in tyres, unlucky in the NT, just unlucky?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Daylan78, May 22, 2009.

  1. Ok, now that just over a week has passed since the incident(s) happened, i can speak of it without getting heart palpitations.

    For those that know me, i live very reluctantly up in Katherine, NT. For those that know the NT, it isnt very motorcycle friendly at the best of times. My R6 is my only transport as i am not a fan of driving anything with more than 2 wheels. So anyways here we go...

    Booked a flight to get to Melbourne to see someone really important. Had to organise stuff up in Darwin 340kms north to do it, and i headed off.

    First up, fuel. Katherine BP- no Premium, thats cool, i can survive on Unleaded up to Pine Creek 90kms further up...get to pump, no Unleaded either. Go to Shell, got premium, but at $1.90- fuel shortage. Ok. Done.

    Riding up Stuart HWY, the usual pot holes, grey nomads, road trains on wrong side of road, kangaroos, donkeys wild pigs ...all good.

    Pine Creek. Fuel. " we dnt do eftpos on wednesdays" WTF??? SO i had to work for an hour in the back unpacking boxes. Good. Cool Done.

    Adelaide River. Fuel. German Backpacker " Zat is not a Harley"..GRRRRR

    Darwin. Cruising up past Noonamah, then BANG!!! Rear tyre blowout. YAY. Just f**kn great! Lucky my mate was nearby to help me out.

    Try finding a bike shop in Darwin that sells ur size tyre...at the normal price and not jacked up coz ur a chick and allegedly stupid. FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS THEY WANTED!! FOR A DUNLOP!

    My mate rings up, and suddenly its $290 for a Michellan! After they said all they had was Dunlop to me! Never mind, take bike in, get tyre, all good. Get to appointment, confirmed flight to Melbourne. Have to stay in Darwin, at the RAAF base in a mouldy donga with MICE!

    Get home the next day. Wait a few days then the night before heading off to Melbourne, i run over a nail coming back from Shift, and my front tyre is ROOTED!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!

    Slow leak, got tyre repair kit, plugged it. Ocky strapped my kit bag to my back ( 13kgs) and head out, making sure i had cash to cover red neck hicks that dnt do eftpos, credit cards, manual labour exchange or anything like that. Made it to Darwin 5 hours later, having stopped at the fuel stops to talk to Ulyssys Club guys from Taree ( hi guys!!! ) and get talked into joining the Patriots MC in Adelaide River...

    Finally made it on to my plane to Melbourne. In one piece, with shredded nerves, two new tyres, a tyre repair kit that cost $40 (!!) and a sore back.

    Come back from Melbourne, with crazy hotted up cage playing "lets cut off the motorcyclist" for 200kms after Darwin. Almost ran me off the road near Hayes Creek, bloody loser. Back sore, pride sore, broke, and ready to start the Night Shift in 3 hours.

    I am ok now, and cannot wait to move to Melbourne where the bike shops are plenty, chic riders are common and roads are softer and windy-er.
    Hope this isnt too long a thread.

    :WStupid: :WStupid:
  2. :LOL: Great story! Though it's turned me off ever going to the NT :shock:
  3. Bugga, i wont tell u about my now rooted battery saga and bat shit paint issue then... LMAO!!

    N.T = "Not Today, Not Tuesday and Not Thursday"


    "the only great thing that comes out of the NT- is you actually leaving it for the last time...."

    ... it does hav awesome stars at nite tho, cant get enuf of the view!! And the sunsets are magnificent! Also UFO's like it, must be all the hicks.
  4. Seriously, wtf is up with the 'no eftpos on Wednesday' crap?? :? I'd have just told them to send me a bill instead. Dumbass hicks ;)
  5. I never ask questions anymore, i just accept that theyr all mad up here and try to get the hell outta there as soon as possible before i start growing a second head.

    Like when the local indigenous dude comes up to you and starts yelling that he is blacker than you(i am white) and that he would provide you with sexual favours for a cigarette.

    Just smile and wave.... smile and wave.....

  6. Full on couple of days you had there Daylan78.
    Hopefully your luck changes and only gets better when you move to Melb!!!

    Must be the Sunday for Batteries!!! Mine too.... bloody thing!!
  7. :p

    Thanx dude! Looking forward to MRs and weekend rides, thats for sure!!

    Ur battery died today too??! What is it with batteries these days? I am hoping its is just condensation, but it wouldnt bump-start either so i think i need a new battery. Gonna try and jump it tonite. Once i clean off the corrosion- beard its growing. Gonna spray some WD-40 on it this time too!!

    ](*,) :busting:
  8. Well you will be happy if this great weather continues down here but i doubt it will, has to rain sometime (hopefully not to soon) Having to much fun in the sun!!!

    Yeah battery died... tried most things this arvo, even tried the old push start, but still no joy. Oh well, given up for tonight and will try again tomorrow and hopefully ill have some luck!!!

    Good luck with yours and hopefully you wont need to spend more coin!! If you do i hope they dont have 'No EFTPOS monday'!!!!
  9. Daylan78,
    Nice read :) Know very well what you mean re NT. I lived all over it for around 6yrs sme years ago...Katherine (Tindal RAAF base) being one of them. Around 3yrs in Alice, 3mths at Uluru (that was FUN !) , 2+ years in Darwin (yes, people DO go mad up there with the ridiculously crazy heat/humidity!) and elsewhere.

    Best 'pickup' line I received (did 2yrs as a Bar Attendant at Lasseters Hotel Casino in Alice) from a rather large indigenous woman, who didn't have enough money to pay for her Bundy Rum & Coke was :

    "I tel ya wot, hanshum... you giv mi da rum an I take you hom wid me'...
    To say I was dry reaching at the time would be a serious understatement !

    But Bat Sh*t ??? Oh yes, fond memories of that on those evening runs....Armageddon ! :LOL:

    Glad to hear you made it through okay.. but wow.. what an experience !

    New battery- $ TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS and it wasnt the right size, it was smashed in there by the mechanic who felt "he should install it and didnt want to sell the battery on its own....", now i have a broken battery bracket and squished wiring,


    BATTERY TERMINAL CABLES- graciously EATEN by the crazy RED ANTS that eat plastic, eat people and eat asbestos. GRRRRR! $100 !!


    $390 for 6mths Rego..... " for insurance" even though you gotta get your own insurance ANYWAY up here separate to the one on the Rego.

    Apparently a 600cc engine "is the same" as a V8... FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

    NT- always have ur thongs.. AND a GOOD set of thongs for the pub.

    :tantrum: :eek:wned: :soapbox: :censored:

    And that is ALL i have to say about this place. And my sick little R6. GRRRR. Thankyou for letting me vent.
  11. I went to Darwin once.......it will remain once.
  12. Freakn hilarious, thanks for sharing.

    Hopefully my time up that way wont be so bad :?
  13. I pray ( am i am not even religious! ) that NO BODY has to go thru this!! LOL
  14. I prayed to Daylan78 that it was just my battery.... Now i can thanks God it was just the battery!!!! :grin:

    After putting it in and thankful it being a lovely melbourne day i headed off to charge the battery up... As i said to the guy at the 'Battery World'.. like i need an excuse to run the battery in today!!!

    Gee whiz you have been having some dramas with your bike, has your luck changed??? No dramas since??
  15. LOL, no dramas since, well, none that i cannot handle, thanks :) and i now realise that this place is NOT bike friendly.

    I am SO glad it was just your battery! What a pain in the ass! Mmmmm... Battery World... so awesome!! :p

    Apart from the weekly removal of a persistant attempt by hornets to build their little mud nest thingies in my farings, bat shit eating my pillion seat leather, a tight spot in my chain that i cant lube up enough, and hitting a small wallaby the other day that bounced right off leaving a concave bend in the LHS lower faring, all is great!! Touch wood..... LMAO!!

    *sigh* Melbourne and Elizabeth Street...HERE I COME!!! LOL
  16. :shock: wow, now that is one hell of a story, great read thanks for sharing.
  17. I wrote a song once.

    It was about all the things I love about Darwin....

    Wanna hear it?

    Goes something like this......'aahhmmmm'




    'Thank you, thank you very much'

    :p :p :p
  18. Gee whiz in glad my bike is in a nice warm spot in the garage, no things nesting in the farings, no bat shit eating my seats and no wallabies!!!

    Argh Melbourne.... see what awaits you!!!! lol
  19. MMMMMMMmmmm :) Melbourne. A nice little place in Point Cook or there about, with a double lock up garage that my little R6 will be safe and snug at nite and live with my Sidchrome set, gosh i miss tools!

    ahhhhhhh.... the good life.... :p


    Should be there in about 8 weeks, if all my paperwork runs smoothly :grin:

    Hope to meet everyone soon, ( if i didnt already meet u in May at an MR or coffee nite )