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Unlucky biker...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by chillibutton, May 12, 2016.

  1. Damn, what a shitty thing to happen to you. Wonder if he should've braked when he saw the wheel come off (he would have been following it)...? Comments.

    Is this the unluckiest motorcycle rider on the planet?
  2. You can't predict stuff like that, and I doubt he any time to even process the wheel at any point.
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  3. saw something similar recently involving a pedestrian, leaving a shop & was walking back to his car, he had no idea a rogue tyre was coming either. Knocked him out cold
  4. A pedestrian was killed by a truck wheel in a similar incident in Scotland when I was growing up. Happened just around the corner from our house.

    I had a wheel come off once. Luckily it was a rear wheel as I was doing about 100 km/hr at the time. Road was pretty rough, and while I noticed a vibration, it was mild compared to the bouncing of the road anyway. I slowed down for a while and pulled over and checked the tyres for flats or bulges, gave them a kick and none seemed loose but it was pitch dark and I couldn't really see much. I got going again and shortly after I saw a wheel overtake me. "Shit" I thought "Some poor bastards in trouble." Then it sank in that there were no lights behind me and nothing coming from in front, I had the road all to myself and the awful truth dawned on me just before the hub settled onto the road and produced a magnificent rooster tail of sparks. I took one nut off each of the other three wheels and got the spare on with only three studs and crawled home on the hard shoulder. I had to go back the next day to find the lost wheel. It was a couple of hundred metres off the road in a cow paddock having jumped a couple of fences along the way. New studs and wheel nuts turned out to be a bit hard to find. I rang around every Nissan dealer in the Hunter to come up with five nuts and two studs.
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  5. There is one on one of those youtube motorcycle crash compilations where the dude is riding past a truck, not speeding, 2 lanes traveling the same direction, the the truck's retread comes off, straight out the side and in front of the rider.

    100k/hr straight down on the pavement.

    I always think of that as I go past trucks.

    I also think of the time some idiot forgot to remove his jockey wheel from his boat trailer on the M! in qld.

    It ended up stuck in the windscreen of my new XR8 ute. Pretty sure I shat. If I was riding my bike I'd probably be dead.
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  6. Driving home one night on the M7 near the Light Horse Interchange, a car in front of me and I were about to pass a truck in the left lane. As the car in front got up along side the truck, a tyre blew on the truck. Smashed his side window in and messed up the side of his car. Whenever I pass I truck, that incident always comes to mind.
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  7. I wouldn't blame you in the least if you had ! I had a good size rock come straight through the windscreen once and end up in the back of the Kombi on the shelf over the engine bay. It had got caught between the twin wheels on a tourist bus and just got flicked out. If it hadn't gone clean through the middle it could well have killed one of us.
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  8. Or unlucky rider like me, who got rammed two days ago by an 78 year old lady exiting a roundabout and she did not see me :mad:. Luckily I was on my maxi scooter ( I know.....snigger, snigger) because on a bike she would have mangled my right leg. I have ridden over 40 years accident free and never saw this coming. I thought about it and cannot see how I could have avoided it ( Except for staying home). Result maxi scooter damaged, helmet damaged, boots damaged, tough long pants torn, but got away with some rash and bruising. accident scene 2. Mesh jacket saved my arm. She was a sweet old lady and really sorry about it, but I think maybe she should not have a licence anymore.
  9. Glad you're OK, could have been so much worse. Will have to consider the purchase of a sacrificial maxi scooter, purely in the interests of safety of course. That 800cc Aprilia might do nicely. The minister of finance may insist on the sale of one of my other two bikes though, otherwise she may take over the role of minister of war. It's so cruel, I didn't tell her to sell one of the kids when she wanted another baby after all.
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  10. Glad to hear you are ok hope you're back on the road soon
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  11. Glad you're OK, scooter can be replaced
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    I have ridden a friend"s Aprilia SRV 850. It is a rocket and will leave most but the best motorbikes behind on take off................. Top speed of 200 measured with GPS
  13. I don't know about that. The wheel went across the road from his right to left, before it collided with a car and shot back I tot he rider. He would have seen it go across in front of him. He probably didn't have any time to react to it, but I know if I saw something like that, I'll either be stopping or getting the hell out of there! Time wasn't on his side though.
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  14. Yeah true, the second part would have been time poor for reactions.
  15. Agree with middomiddo , which is why I asked the question. Not his fault for sure, but I think his roadcraft was lacking, maybe he was watching the Lada going off the road. But to not see the wheel means you're not aware. And I'd also be slowing right down if I saw that unfolding ahead 'cos it's so random, you can't tell what'll happen. Bloody unlucky regardless...
  16. Yup, sounds like my sort of scooter :)
  17. the lada was already overtaking him on the dirt by the side of the road.. dirt flying up, and he was probably thinking "shit I hope it doesn't swerve back on"

    I reckon rider was very lucky the tyre hit fairing in front of his leg!

    he may have twigged when oncoming car did the sudden swerve, but way too late by then
  18. I've seen similar happen a few times. I always stick to the inside lane if I know I have to go past an exit.
    Dual carriage roundabouts always have people cutting off toward an exit from the middle lane.
    Gaps are traps.
    Nasty surprise for you though :-/
  19. I've watched the replay over and over again. I thought the wheel came off the grey car traveling in the opposite direction to the rider. The grey car pulls over and seems to be lurched over onto it's left side. But I may be wrong.
  20. Look again, it's off the white Lada Samara pulling off the road on the LH side of the vid. Bounces off the grey car.
    I can't see it actually come off the Lada as it's obscured at the critical moment but it is clearly missing it's front wheel and throwing up dirt.