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Unloading a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chris4wally, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. To cut a long story short I was supposed to have the L's by now but broke my arm and can't do the course untill next week but the new GS comes tommorow. The guy at the shop tells me its comming on the back of a ute and we need to get it off.
    Any tips on getting it off without damaging the bike. We have a reasonably steep up hill driveway that leads straight to the shed. I was thinking of running it down a plank.
    Any other suggestions :?

  2. My experience is unloading crashed bikes where keeping them in pristine condition isn't critical :grin:

    But I would put the ute at the bottom of the driveway with the tail-gate pointes towards the uphill slope: this means the distance between the tail-gate and the driveway is minimal.

    Your biggest worry with a plank is the bike falling on it's side on the way down: so either a very wide plank, or -if confident- riding it down is the best way to keep balance, and then power up the slope. Turn it around with plenty of room to spare in the street, then run it down and park it properly in the garage.

  3. If its coming from a shop on the back of a ute then theyll have a ramp. as they put it on.
  4. Pro Hart... eat your heart out!
  5. That pic describes exactly how i got my bike out the back of the ute. works perfect on a steep driveway :)
  6. If they're delivering it, isn't it their responsibility to unload it for you?
  7. + 1. Its their responsability.
    Dont accept thats it's delivered until its safely on the ground.
  8. Thanks KTULU just fixed the pic to give a true indication

    Not sure if this will work, will look silly if not
  9. Yep look silly again, will need a lesson on inserting images
  10. I'm gunna have the artwork blown up and stuck on the wall! :wink:

    But normally I'd ride the bike onto the ute, so its gotta be backed off, udderwise its really hard to get onto the ute. And when you go to get it off the ute, gravity's on your side anyhow. :arrow:

    Which probably doesn't really help. A couple of big mates would really help.
  11. *cough* try the preview button first........ :)
  12. Just jump it off trials style.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. You have not unloaded a bike until you've done a Cruiser that has bugger all ground clearance !!

    Sleddog and I almost split our pants trying to get his Boulevarde M50 onto a bike trailer ! Even had to do the reversing on a slanted driveway to get it on ! Then there was an issue of the fat ass rear tyre that could not sit in the tyre rail ! Then there was an issue of the length !! :eek:

    oh man !! . . what a workout !
  14. Try loading a cruiser onto a ute that's too short for it!! When my Hyo died on the way back from RNP I had to get a truck to come pick it up. The Hyo's got an incredibly long wheelbase, so we had to lift the rear of the bike to get the tailgate up and under the rear guard of the bike...


    (I'm no Ktulu, I know...)
  15. ++! to both of them...I would put this point to them too...if I fall over when on YOUR truck do you have insurance to cover any costs as I will be in my legal right to sue if I am on your property and injure myself...
    O yea and don’t fill in any paperwork that you have received the goods till after it’s off the truck
    And above all stick to your guns even if they threaten to bring it back to the shop on you
  16. In fact for what its worth, in shipping / property / insurance law one has to be very careful where one specifies goods to be delivered.
    The oft used term FOB for example means its your responsibilty until its Free On Board (My ship / plane).
  17. wow, Kawasaki Green !

    Mean Streak wannabe ! :p
  18. Thanks all got the bike off ok and signed the papers when it was in the shed.
    Thanks for the advise.[​IMG]