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Unlimited Speeds

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Is it time for Victoia and Australia to follow the lead of some European countries and remove the speed limits from the outer right lane of all freeways?

  2. I'd love to say yes, but driver training needs a MAJOR overhaul before that happens. A halfwit genetic throwback can get a driver's licence in this state, and I know this because Steve Bracks has one to prove it.
  3. not until all Australians learn how to act on the road.
  4. I could be wrong now but it's not all freeways.
    When I drove on the autobahns, there weren't any trees on the side of the road to run into...just huge concrete barriers keeping all the traffic on the road.

    And speed limits were introduced around entries and exits to the autobahns.
  5. I suspect they could raise the speed limits in the right lane, but then they would have to heavily enforce the 'keep left unless overtaking' rule.
  6. I think that they should just have those variable speed zones on freeways.

    If sign is blacked out, 110.

    If it is busy, 70/80/90/100 whatever they want.

    If it is quiet, 120/130/140 etc

    If it is the middle of the night, no one around, not raining, good visibility, just put up 450km/h and see how many people you can book speeding then!!!

    You find that you can very easily max out your car/bike on a freeway at the right time without running into anyone else on the road (not literally). To that end, however, the roads would have to be majorly smoothed out as at 200km/h+ the smallest dip and hump becomes a major pothole or speedbump and you can very easily lose control.

    Anyone who has been on an unrestricted autobahn can testify that it's actually pretty safe feeling. I remember being in germany sitting at 220km/h in an audi A4 and having people fang past quite safely!!!
  7. Roads in this country have a design speed of 110km/h. Not only would user education have to be vastly improved, infrastructure would have to be completely overhauled. This would cost billions upon billions of dollars, and all so people can get around quicker? Don't hold your breath.
  8. Can you provide specific examples of what European countries do this?

    Germany you say? Most German Autobahn's now have a limit on them. I know of no other European country with a limit higher than 130kmh.
  9. One of the better ideas I think would be to ban lorries and towing vehicles from the third lane. This works in England, and combined with a lower speed limit for lorries and towing vehicles it ensures that one lane at least is (relatively) clear and you don't get that situation where 3 slow vehicles are trying to pass each other with a 0.001kmh speed difference

    The other thing I like from Germany is NO HGV on the road at all on Sundays (apart from deliveries of perishables) or on public holidays
  10. Hard to learn something that isn't being taught.
  11. The M3 between Sydney and Canberra is a perfect example of a road that could be turned into an Autobahn like freeway. The problem is the amount of idiots that sit in the right hand lane.

    Australians in general aren't ready for it, the driving standards are too low, licenses are handed out like candy. Germany's licensing structure is what's needed before any speeds are raised, unfortunately. Speeds only keep getting lower in this country, making more fall asleep at the wheel (NT for instance).
  12. Actually good bikes get really, really stable at high speeds.
  13. When we were test riding my mates R6 he came over a tiny dip quite fast =p the bike was very stable but i defiantly saw both wheels come off the ground by about 2 inches... =p

    You will never see Autobahn type speeds on Australian roads. But there are a few roads that would benifit from a slightly raised speed limit. 130km/h on nice straight roads would be a good starting point.
  14. In happy land, unlimited speed limits would be nice.

    We don't live in happy land.

    People don't even know the 'keep left unless overtaking' rules here.

  15. Im going to happy land in a few weeks. Ich werde fett auf bratwurst und beer =p (i will get fat on Bratwurst and Bier =p)
  16. ^^ Case in point Monash is 4-5 lanes wide in sections now and the two right hand lanes are still blocked by friggin trucks
  17. Our licensing system doesn't support unlimited speeds, although there are many places where the speed limit is a joke. Eg. Monaro highway, mega straight road with very high visibility and good quality roads, and its 100! Craziness. Unlimited wouldn't work here, our driver education system is craptastic. In Germany for example it is a long process to get your license with much more thorough and strict regulations for what needs to be taught. Lane disipline is horrible in Aus.
  18. I agree with Cee; 130 is the highest posted limit in Europe that I know of, such as on the Italian Autostrada (130 dry, 110 wet; everyone does 160 in the dry and 130 in the wet, but it's the thought that counts). French freeways on approach to the Eurotunnel are 130 too.

    In Germany there are derestricted sections where you may travel as fast as you feel is safe... Though there are speedlimits of 80kph around on/offramps, and 110 or 130kph on other bits. (Contrary to popular belief, there isn't a designated "slow lane", "fast lane" and "warp speed lane", or even set speed limits for each lane. You simply keep to the right as much as possible unless it's congested. If you are travelling at 260kph warp speed, though, it's generally safest to sit in the far left lane since you'll always be overtaking. Unless someone is faster than you. XD)

    Truck-racing is verboten; with very rare exception, trucks must always stay in the right hand lane (our left lane in Australia) and never overtake.

    Almost without exception, everyone keeps right (our left). If you're coming up behind them at a higher speed, they'll usually move over for you. :) I think it's that general discipline/courtesy that Australia tends to lack.

    We spent most of the trip cruising between 160 and 190kph on the derestricted sections; There were a few parts where we did stretch our legs a little to reach 260kph (apparently the 350Z and Jaguar XKR supercharged V8 aren't limited to 150mph afterall..) Good times. ;)
  19. Yeah, good fun sitting on 200+ and still having to headcheck when moving into the fast lane.

    Wow, how come you didn't die? Also, you should try it sitting on the tank! :driver:

  20. I swear I've left the ground on parts of city link... nuff said about road quality...