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Unlicensed teen dies in motorcycle smash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. http://dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story/0,20281,18142617-5001022,00.html

    AN unlicensed teenage motorcyclist has died after crashing into a culvert and being thrown from his bike on a quiet country road in central-western NSW.

    The 16-year-old lost control of the bike on Wongajong Road, about 4 km outside Forbes, after veering onto a gravel shoulder and hitting a culvert about 6.30pm (AEDT) yesterday.

    He sustained massive injuries and died at the scene.

    Police said the teen was using the quiet road to gain some riding experience before going for his learner's permit.

    His father found him unconscious by the side of the road about 40 minutes later, but was unable to revive him.

    The motorcycle has been impounded for mechanical examination, and a report will be prepared for the coroner.
  2. It is very unfortunate that something like this happened... Sounds like he was trying to 'get ahead' of the class by learning to ride before being taught how to ride.
  3. Poor bloke, can't really blame him to much as I can understand his motives.

    You can't help but think if it had been different if he had went to the L's first though.
  4. poor kid.. ...:-( :-(

    r i p
  5. Don't know about your L's training but when i did mine it certainly didn't include anything about what to do in the event of running wide onto a gravel shoulder. Yes, they hinted that you look through the corner... and hinted not to touch the brakes... but certainly nothing that would've saved him.

    An unfortunate loss, and one that most probably would have been avoided if the Gumnit's realised the value in subsidising rider training programs.
  6. Definitely a terrible thing - should never happen.

    But, there would most certainly have been things taught on the L's that may have saved him. Things like this happen when riders don't know how to get through a turn.

    I don't know what the L's training that you did consisted of, but here in the ACT we teach, not hint, that you should always plan for a curve and NEVER use the brakes mid corner - most accidents involving novices in curves happen for that one simple reason.

    I don't know the reason the guy crashed, but even a little bit of training may have made a difference.

    Just as unfortunately, there are an awful lot of young males that do not want to be seen as never having never ridden a bike before doing their L's. Trying to tach yourself something you may never have done before very rarely succeeds...
  7. RIP.. sad story, its not like he was up on the back wheel or anything like that. just trying to get some experience before going into a learners course. when i was going through mine i was looking at doing the same thing.
    condolences to the family.
  8. Poor kid??

    Selfish stupid kid

    POOR FATHER (put yourself in HIS shoes)
  9. The father should be charged for criminal negligence.
  10. Precisely how do you get that from a 9 line report? Do you know more about that the news has posted?
  11. thats sad to hear. i did the same thing before i got my L's.
    shit happens
  13. The report doesn't really go into enough detail to place amounts of blame yet. It really depends on the circumstances.

    If the kid went out and nicked the family bike to go practice then stupid kid poor father.

    If the father said here son go for a spin and couldn't be bothered supervising him then poor kid and the father is stupid.

    Or it could have been just some farm kid that had a bike was used to riding dirt was playing around on the road and 'its just one of those things'.

    It regards to my comment about the L's course I agree that if he was already on the gravel shoulder then pretty much nothing would have saved him from the L's course. But some of the things they teach could have prevented him getting into the situation in the first place. Looking through the corner, don't look at that big culvert cause you will get target fixation.

    I fully admit though not enough information given to say one way or the other.
  14. Not for novices - too much info can confuse things a bit.
  15. have a listen to you bastards .

    ever thought that toowoomba is a grazing area that he may have ridden trailies growing up , but didnt have road experiance.
    The kid (R.I.P) went to a quite road and tried to practise getting his skills up .
    and all you bastards can do is debate the safety aspects and be critical.

    he wasnt out doing 200 on the ring road , nor popping wheelies down colins st
    get off your high horses and that funny feeling that you might be feeling other than anger reading this post may just be something called "compassion".
    fcuking amazes me this place sometimes, it was a accident , an unfortunate loss of life because a young kid was excited about getting a bike licsense .

    Thoughts go to father and family of the young Kid.
  16. Spot on Glen, there are too many wankers these days who do a learner course, get brainwashed with bullshit and then come here all high and mighty trying to re-educate the educated, get over yourselves.

    These mistakes are easily made by kids in the country, and if I think back hard enough I may remember being pulled up for it when I was fifteen.

  17. Hey man, chill. I'm sure everyone feels for the poor kid and the family. We were all novices and some of us still are (me). Personally I think, I have learnt a lot from reading peoples posts on these subject matters.

    There is a wealth of information out there from all you guys analysing things and a lot is trash but a lot is also invaluable to the kid on learners who might just think "oh yeah they told me to look through the corner and not touch the brakes" or something to that effect... so how about you get off your high horse and let people do what forums built for.

    I'm not interested in blaming, I'm interested in learning.
    And I'm not trying to re-educate anybody.
  18. Yeah the kid may have been doing the wrong thing by riding unlicenced but he was trying to do the right thing in getting his licence. One of those tragic accidents that could happen to anyone - licenced or not.
  19. How do we know he wasnt on the back wheel? How do we know he wasnt doing 200kmh? How do we know what he was doing? We do know he was unlicensed. There should have been plenty of farm paddocks to "practice" in before going for the test. Post test he would have had some skills that may have helped him.

    Another young life lost is sad regardless of the reason. We are not here to bury our kids but sometimes we do.

    Sympathies to the family.
  20. I agree grobets there is no need for people to be saying things like STUPID KID you know who you are, It was an accident and should be treated as such :shock: