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Unlicensed riding, how prevelant is it.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Julian Walker, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Everywhere I go I hear of people who are riding outside of their L or P Plate restrictions! Some who have been riding on the roads for over 10-20 years and have only had a licence for the last couple of years or not at all. Is there so much of it going on but everyone just speaks the political correct dialect and just wont admit it? How prevelant is it ?
    I know that there will be some people that will jump up and down about the implications of it but thats not my point. Im relatively new to biking and Im amazed at the continous recommendations of "get a bigger bike because thats what everyone does"
    Just curious on some honest feedback to how common this may actually be?

  2. Great question but I don't know how you will go about getting an accurate answer.
    I would think most of us have done something like what you're asking in the past. I first drove on the road at 13. Didn't do it every day but it was more than a few occasions and I rode bikes for many years with no license. That changed when kids came along.
    The problem with the accuracy comes down to whether people do it regularly or occasionally and whether they have a general disregard for the law. I also think it could be age/responsibility related too.

    A poll could be good.
    Have you ever ridden outside restrictions?
    A couple of times
    Thinking about it

    Good luck and I'll be interested in your reply's.
  3. I rode outside of my licence restriction for about 2 months (until I got my unrestricted licence). I picked up a larger bike earlier than anticipated and after riding it home, there was no way I could get back on the 250. :wink:
  4. People tell me to get a 'real bike' ie a 600cc+ all the time. But they're idiots who don't understand a thing about riding. The people who usually tell you this type of thing are egotistic morons, so best to ignore them - 250s are faster (and more importantly), more fun than most cars anyway.

    Having said that, I'm tempted to pillion a friend with alot of riding experience, and I'm 6 months away from fulls, but feel confident, skilled, and sensible enough not to run into trouble with this.
  5. Actually the people who have said this to me are very experienced riders and/or are involved in riding for years !.....not idiots that dont understand anything about riding!
  6. Lots of teenage kids (and a few guys old enough to know better) being pains in the arse on unlicensed dirt bikes round my way.

    I wouldn't particularly mind if they'd p*ss off into the bush where nobody's watching but instead they circulate round the village all day using roads/pavements/nature strips as a supermotard track.

    F*@$&#g A!#&*o%@s.

    At least when one of them wiped himself out recently he didn't take any innocent bystanders with him.
  7. i doubled people before on short roots to maccas , i get of my p's in 2 weeks bout time , now for faster bike , in this period i owned 3 bikes and have 2 left to sell soon
  8. What ?
  9. Cheap dates if you only have to take them to maccas to get a ...
  10. i rode an RGV250 for most of my P's.
    that was above restrictions, and it didnt kill me.....but i thank my lucky stars that for that period of time i was incident free, because had i hurt someone else, i would still be paying for it now. hindsight is a funny thing :)
  11. It's fairly prevelant, particularly amongst the younger folk, lots of restricted riders riding larger capacity bikes, but more so 17-18 year olds with no license riding cheap, unregistered/un-insured bikes.

    Not to mention that plenty of trail bikes with unlicensed riders and no rego in outer suburban/regional areas using the roads to get to their favourite piece of dirt.

    Have caught a few........
  12. I have know a few people that have riding bikes with no license's for years without even a radom breath test, then it seamed like in the space of one week they both got done, and one even for an un-rego'd bike as well! Needless to say they both will be going for there L's now!

    I myself did the right thing and rode a L's bike and then for my P's I had a FZR250 which was wiped out and so I missed 6 months and when I was able to ride again I had my full (blacks) license.
  13. you wouldnt catch me. too old, too slow :p :p :p :bolt:
  14. I do know someone who is looking at a larger capacity bike, and he isn't off his restrictions yet.

    I personally wouldn't be doing it. It's not worth the hassle or risk of being unlicenced and uninsured. Stupid mistake.

    Everytime I've been through an RBT on the bike, they have always asked for my licence.
  15. Never did it myself, but I found a loophole in the system to allow me to ride a bigger bike sooner.

    As for the people telling you to get a bigger bike, it's not just about having more power, bigger bikes generally have better brakes, suspension, chassis etc, etc..... there are many good reasons to get a bigger bike, and few, if any, towards staying on a small 2fiddy.
  16. do tell........
  17. I bought my 650 2 weeks before my restrictions finnished. I took it for a breif test ride, and I rode it the 20 kms home (at night, in heavy rain and strong cross-winds). I was sooooo tempted to ride it to work, as my 250 was out of action and I had to take the train. But I was good and waited. Made the first day of riding so much better.

    Interestingly, the cop who I bought the bike from addmitted to me she bought it before she was even off her L's :shock:
  18. In Qld we have to ride accompanied at all times on L's. I rode on my own on a NSR 250 for 8 years, not regularly but often enough. It was my identical twin brothers bike so I used to show his licence if I got pulled up. I did get caught out once when he borrowed my car for work and left me with his bike and no licence but it was only a $30 fine back then. Just before I got my 954 I went and got my full licence through qride. That was last year.
  19. 21yrs old......

    Sorry you have to be a grown up!
  20. Needless to say, the restrictions are an adminstrative process desgined many centuries ago to ensure people with no experience slowly climbed up the power gradient.

    Unlike some of our informed interstate counterparts (eg. over 30 with full car endorsement in NSW then straight into open licence), they apply this to every one regardless of riding background. Too make matters worse the test to get RE's with 12 months, is appaulingly inadequate. Some one can remain dormant with there RE's then just get a big bike.

    I personally think the 12 months in between the date of RE issue bears very little resemblance to the actual riding skill of the individual.

    There should be a series of courses (like stay upright one's) before you get a licence, and once you do, no stupid idiotic restrictions.

    You are just a likely to kill yourself on a 250 as a 1000 if you are a sensible rider in normal conditions (not fu*king hooning).

    Heres the facts (for cars any way but makes extendable sense)


    The key is riding to within your abilities, you are the weakest point of the system. As long as you respect and ride within such limits, the bike is irrelevant.