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Unlicensed rider killed in Bankstown

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, May 31, 2015.

  1. It is sad whenever there is a fatality but there needs to be a little bit of logic and perspective here. Whilst the car driver shouldn't have turned and then stopped - definitely stupid - I think the fact that the rider was unlicensed , riding at a fairly rapid speed, at night, inexperience, etc perhaps needs to be considered instead of laying the blame solely on the driver - yes they do stupid things but I have seen riders do stupid things as well.
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  2. I didn't see this in the article, where do you determine that?
  3. It was reported on the news last night that he was unlicenced.
    Still devastating though..
  4. "Police believe he was riding unlicensed on a Kawasaki motorcycle when the car crossed into his lane."

    car looks like doing slow U-turn (not stopped) after indicating, bike going for (high?) speed overtake on other side of road?, realises too late hits brake and drops it and slides. he was nowhere near the car when the car started U-turn..
    I can't estimate speed, but does he look like he's doing 60?

    16, had bike for a week, no licence, late at night, "notorious" stretch of road (maybe helmet not done up) = avoidable tragedy

    streetview https://goo.gl/maps/Ngcbk
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  5. You know his family might read this garbage.

    Think before you post.
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    you think the child did not contribute to the accident? he shouldn't have been on the road at all with no licence

    now if the DRIVER was unlicensed, not the rider... people would be going apeshit at the driver with very good reason..
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  7. What a load of crap. Peony is telling it like he sees it. The kid was 16, unlicensed, and riding at a rapid pace. Tried to pass over a solid centre line. 90% riders fault.
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  8. You are callous to people who have just lost their son. I hope karma returns the favour
  9. centre line wasn't completely solid, but long broken to indicate centreline.
    with so many intersections along it, and being a main thoroughfare (bus route), you'd almost expect a car to pull into road at any time?

    car could have been in left lane, looking parked before it tried to do a very slow U-turn across 4 lanes.. but had lights on, and witness said indicator.

  10. Driver should have given way properly, what kind of bullshit don't look don't think just do slow kind of turn was that?

    The kid on the bike shouldn't have been riding, & certainly not at what appears to be at speed.

    perfect example of two wrongs doing no right.
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  11. It is interesting that the news did not show 2-3 seconds early. It would have then clearly have shown the position of the car before it started the U-turn. My initial thoughts was that it started a U turn from the RH lane as I have done myself on occasions.

    Irrespective of where it started, if laws are same as Vic. the driver doing U-turn has to give way to everybody. As not a solid (Vic only?) or double lines a vehicle/bike could be legally passing into on-coming traffic. SOMETHING I HAD NOT CONSIDERED UNTIL NOW!!!

    If what someone said was true - that the rider was unlicensed - then the parents would have had to know (ie other media statements of riding between parents houses) that there son was riding unlicensed. A message here for parents who may be letting their "children" drive/ride unlicensed.
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    this UK site has the preceding CCTV video, and also shows cars going past in opposite direction (to gauge speed)

    car is in left lane at about jogging pace, slowly moves into right lane and proceeds to do slow U-turn.. definitely faffing about, probably more focused on oncoming cars, rather than what is behind. possibly didn't look or see high speed bike coming up behind.. or completely misjudged the speed of single headlight.

    also, from the first point you see the bikes headlight, it is on the centreline and moving right.. last minute overtake decision?

    the cars going opposite way take around 1.7seconds to cross the field of view. 60 zone so maybe they could be doing between 50-70?
    the bike takes about 0.8seconds.. make of that what you will

    (really rough guesstimation from google maps.. field of view of camera is about 30-32m(the centreline markings), 1.7 seconds would be about 65-67km/hr, 0.8sec could be 140km/hr... could be 60 vs 120 but still..)

    as an aside.. RMS suggests an experienced rider should be able to stop in 21m from 60km/hr, without ABS, under ideal conditions (not including reaction time)
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  14. My first accident in a car was with a taxi doing a u turn in exactly the same type of road, surprised the hell out of me. Just a horrible thing for the kids family
  15. The only reason the rider was on the wrong side of the road was because a fcuking car pulled out in front of him and stopped. He had no choice but to try and miss the car. Sure if he had no license he shouldn't be on the road but I'd like to see any rider in here avoid that accident no matter how long u have had your license for
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  16. the car didn't stop tho?
    given the unlucky timing of the car chucking a U-turn, and given the speed he was belting along.. no he had no choice but to try and swerve to miss car *at that point in time*

    but that lack of choice was a result of all his other choices.

    I was gonna say an experienced rider wouldn't have been doing double the speed limit along that particular road.. but that's not true :p
    but.. they may have had more awareness and decided to slow down past the car doing weird stuff?
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  17. Car could have been pulling into the side street for all we know.

    Regardless, when conducting a u-turn, there is no way you'd be expected to give way to someone overtaking you on the wrong side of the road from behind. That is ridiculous.
    It's illegal to pass someone on the right when they are trying to turn right.

    Further, he is a LONG way away from that car when the car initially moves from the left lane to the right. It is unfair to blame the driver when the bike was clearly doing 2-3 times the speed limit, at night.

    And the kid wasn't trying to overtake. Like was mentioned earlier, he has panicked when he realised he was closing on those little red lights way too fast, and tried to pass on the right in an effort not to hit the car. He's off the bike before he strikes the car, he's grabbed a handful of front brake and gone down.

    It's tragic the kid is dead, but doesn't change the facts of the accident, and the video clearly shows who's at fault.
    I change my assessment of blame... 100% rider. Tell it like I see it.

    Anyone who blames the cager is a one eyed idiot.
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  18. you're right.. video suggests about 5 seconds (maybe 6?) from when car first crosses into right lane from left, until bike arrives into view.
    at 60, that is when bike is 80m away, at 140, that's 200m...
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