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unleash the ninja within.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AngX, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. so i finally got off my P's and got around to test riding new sports bikes and the feeling from a 250 to a 600 is amazing.

    the power, handling and sheer awesomeness that is the 600 class blew my mind.

    my experience started off with me riding to the local Honda dealer on my 2009 Kawasaki ninja 250r, and having never ridden anything bigger than a 250 the thought of something bigger scared the crap out of me.

    so i jumped on a 08 cbr600rr ten kate rep and followed the salesman on for my first 600 test ride.

    after stalling it 5 times i got the thing rolling and thats when the fun began.
    first thoughts were F--- ME this is wicked, followed by where do i sign.
    i got to ride it for about 25mins before we returned back to the shop. i noticed that it just wasnt really comfortable i didnt really fit well.

    then i rocked up at the suzuki / triumph dealer who only had a gixxer 750 to ride no gixxer 600 or daytona 675 which was a dissapointment.

    after another 25mins on the gixxer doing the same road my reaction was very much the same F--- ME, where do i sign.

    i then went over to Kawasaki knowing full well i couldn't afford the $18k ride away 09 zx6r but i decided to try it anyway.

    off i went with the dealer on the same road again and even with my limited experience riding bikes and non existent experience riding 600's i could tell that this bike was in a league of its own.

    throttle response, breaking , handling , communication it had it all. if i was smooth and gentle the bike was quite docile if i got a bit over eager with the wrist it didn't hesitate to show me who is boss. i fell in love and when i took it back and had to jump on my 250 i was quite dissapointed and i don't think i stopped thinking about the zx6r all the way home.

    from that point on i knew was i wanted but i was about 3-4 grand short.
    then the dealer told me the test bike was up for sale and i got a pretty good deal, a much higher trade in price on my 250 than any other shop and an 3k off he price of a brand new one.

    so for $15500 i got a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R with 2000k's on the clock 2 years factory warranty with a $6500 trade in on my ninja 250 (i only payed $7500 for it new)

    updated pics to better quality ones.



  2. Friends don't let friends ride Kawasaki's... :p

    Nice bike mate. Enjoy the transition period :grin:
  3. Nice bike mate,
    Photos seem a little blurry you weren't trying to 'admire' it while taking them were you?
  4. i think i was still shaking after just getting it home and trying to believe that it is mine and its going in my garage :)
  5. Uh huh, I beleive you.
    Expect a reveiw after you have put a few km's on it.
  6. That's awesome. Enjoy your new ride. :)
  7. must have been the moment just before the tissues came out.
    nice ride.
  8. Awsome Ride Mate! Looks Mint! Pickin up mine on saturday! brand new 06! Cannot wait mate

  9. Also i think the 09 ninja just won the 600 competition ova in the US for 2009. Reviewed the best of the lot!
  10. Hot bike, mate.

    Insure it, quick!
  11. Great choice, awesome bike..enjoy

    Don't let others tell you different...

    Honda's are like a sanitary pad, wings on each side and a pussy in the middle
  12. Great bike you've got there, quite like the kwaka's. Enjoy and stay safe! :)
  13. Great looking bike, I'm very jealous! It's also nice to see a Kwaka that's not that stupid poxy green colour. Enjoy a whole new world of accelaration, braking and cornering. Not only that, it's much better handling two up so get yourself a hot little biker chick to go with it. They tend to be an expensive accessory but they are really worth it :)
  14. Nice bike AngX and congrats on your new purchase :)
  15. Nice bike mate but $15,500 with 2,000k's :shock: ......

    I got a 2009 monster edition zx6r with 0km's 3 week's ago for $14,500 onroad :grin: .....
  16. yeh i do live in cairns far north queensland, which makes everything soo much more expensive. i mean honda wanted $15500 for a 08 cbr600rr Ten kate edition which i thought was a joke.
  17. Thats a great trade in deal!!

    Oh, and the new ZX6's are horny!!
  18. Thats a great trade in deal!!

    Oh, and the new ZX6's are horny!!