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NSW Unleaded ban expected to cause rise in fuel prices

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mr Messy, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Im sure QLD will follow suit but man im glad i moved up here...

    Source: http://www.smh.com.au/national/unle...cause-rise-in-fuel-prices-20120101-1ph95.html

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  2. :cry::cry: DAMN they already took away my Super (older riders may remember what it was :rofl:)
    If they force me to use premium I just dont know what'll happen, as my old girl fouls plug if not run on standard unleaded ](*,)
  3. Those alternative fuels need to stop being garbage if they want to pull a stunt like this.

    I've done a full tank of regular unleaded at 9.2 l/100k's and then a tank of E85 at 15 l/100k's then back to regular at 10.4 l/100k's and back to E85 at 14ish while testing whether the other fuels made much difference in a new flex fuel Commodore.

    Saving 10c/litre is not a compromise for using nearly twice as much. The stuff is watered down garbage, and there needs to be an improvement before they go forcing it down our throats.
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  4. that seems retarded. only a matter of time before it happens here... but my supra/xs250 ect aren't really ment to run on premium...
  5. The hell are we meant to put in lawn mowers?
  6. Unavoidable unfortunately.

    However, an engine that can run on both unleaded and E85 is a compromise. Ethanol is going to have less energy per volume, but its strength is the greater knock resistance, so we'll all need high compression engines, or my favourite: a big assed turbo.
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  7. Yes I think it will be risky with moisture getting into the fuel, but it may not be such a big deal on 4 stroke lawn mowers. Personally I think oil & fuel mix 2 strokes need to go.

    I wish more people would produce forced induction 2 strokes with valves. More complex, but best of 2 stroke and 4 stroke benefits.
  8. Regular unleaded seems to be pretty shite at the moment. I used to LOVE Shell in my car; ran really well, but now it's absolute crap. I'm getting lousy fuel economy, and after my check engine lights came on, my mechanic warned me to stop using it. He told me to use a higher RON petrol, but I don't like spending the extra for little return.

    I use BP regular in the bike, and it seems to run OK, altho it isn't a high performance bike (vtr250). Shell has never suited it so stopped using it long ago. It isn't that great in the car tho, altho better than Shell.

    What to do...
  9. Is there a list of which bikes can use ethanol blended fuels? Not game to risk it to save $0.42 a fill up..
  10. '
    Well, if the customers don't like it, then it must be good for them.

    I have always gone out of my way to avoid ethanol blends because I believe that they're false economy, and AFAIK they are propped up with government subsidy. (Please correct me if I'm wrong there.)
  11. This move from the NSW gubment sounds highly short sighted. How good must the minidra groups lobbying be?! So now even more arable land will have to be given over to growing sugar cane for ethanol.
  12. what happens to my older bikes on premium? my old honda cbr2500r HATED premium.... so i kind of doubt my 74 suzuki rl250 or 79 xs250 will love it... (and, all you older car lovers, ethanol doesn't suite most pre-85 cars apparently)
  13. Doesn't surprise me we are being twice screwed over by someone jumping on the green band wagon. I did note the the comments on that link are from '08 how ever, got any more recent news on this?

    Guess the SR500 will be getting a high compression piston that likes the 98 :D
  14. Better sell my bike before july then because it needs 91 to run. ****ing government
  15. I doubt either of those bikes will be compatible with E10 either then. You will be stuck needing to run Premium.

    NRMA recommends that if the difference between ULP and premium is more than 7c a litre then it isn't worth running a car on premium that will run on ULP - the saving in fuel economy doesn't balance out. For a bike that difference may be more.
  16. Ethanol blends give worse fuel economy, that's absolute fact, not opinion. it -CAN- make more power, though. E85 can also cause significant damage to the vehicle if it's not suited for it.

    I grew up in the midwestern United States where government subsidies lead to a huge amount of ethanol crap all over the place with slightly higher octane ratings for slightly less money. Not worth the savings, and amazingly the government in the US is ending the subsidies (first good thing the US government has done in… I don't even know how long).
  17. Could empty your rainwater tank and fill it with petrol before it's outlawed. Then you would have a nice little supply stored away. My 5000 litre rainwater tank would last my bike 10 years.

    *I don't actually know how suitable a rainwater tank would be for this purpose - just having fun.
  18. good point... stock up on 20litre jerry cans :D lol how would you stop it from going bad though? :(
  19. All fuel loses its "bang" as it ages (aka goes stale) over time, ethanol absorbs water.vSo you would end up with 5000 liters of un drinkable water and probably a holed piston or two.