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unknown bike - riding or trailering interstate?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. guys,

    my 18 year old son is probably a month or 2, away from getting his mbike L plates. he knows he has the use of soozies, GV250 for training on. so there is no hurry in buying another bike in immediate future.

    He has his (future) heart set on a Honda CBR600RR. But while on L plates, i want to keep him on a 250 for as long as possible. he is a honda fan and doesnt mind the looks of the 250VT Custom, even though it is a mini cruiser.

    there are heaps in melbourne, and none in adelaide.

    would you ride an unknown bike interstate, or trailer it?
  2. Us Victorians manage just fine riding bikes bought in and around Melbourne.

    If he's comfortable riding, isn't alone, and plans a reasonable route, I don't see why not. Allow plenty of stops, don't travel too far each day (especially the first couple), and don't try to test the bike's limits.
  3. ride it i did one for a mate he paid for flights and fuel and i picked the bike up and rode it about 2000kms for him but at the same time it was a gs500 witch is what i normal ride and he had a mechine check it over before i got there
  4. Depends on the bike, or more precisely the condition of the bike and how much you trusted it.
  5. a 250 can do it, Greydog did to Adel I believe on her vrt250. But fark, a fair hike on a bike thats got not much more then the legal limit to get you out of trouble if need be.
    transporters may charge a couple of hundred, might be worth using
  6. well there is a nice blue one, right now, (3,500kms) at MOTOGC (Honda dealer). i got simple rule....never buy the cart before the horse. if he had his licence i would grab it now. Being a dealer i would ask for a service before hand.

    we will have to come to melbourne. that model dont exist in adelaide....??
  7. Depends on the RIDER, or more precisely the condition of the RIDER and how much you trusted it.
  8. I too have a rule, don't buy anything second hand without inspecting it first and if it's mechanical I generally get it checked by an independent mechanic.
  9. Who's going to ride it home? You, him, or both?

    Either way, I guess you'll know what you've bought by the time you get home.
  10. The bloke is asking if you'd ride an unknown bike a long distance. In other words, would you trust a second hand bike to make the distance or would you trailer it home just in case.
  11. I didn't mean to suggest the bike wasn't important - just that the rider is at least as important. I assume we're talking about an 18yo who doesn't even have his Ls yet.
  12. I think we are looking at the question differently.

    I'm looking at it from the point of view, "Would an experienced rider ride a bike of unknown quality/condition for a long distance".

    Whereas I think you are looking at it from the point of view "Would you ride a bike a long distance".
  13. it would be a combo of me/soozie/son riding it home, with stops every 2 hours.

    250 with right gearing is fine on flat roads. some are geared way too low. soozie bike does 110kph under 7500rpm. redline is 11500 -12,000rpm. it does it easy.

    my mate on here (phil01) hired a mbike trailer in adelaide for $40.00 and bought an 1100 cruiser from mt gambier 2 weeks ago.

    i know one thing....SUMITO sells those things, in melbourne and i already know about them!!
  14. The western highway and the Dukes highway are in awful condition
    Very bumpy with heaps of potholes.

    Not a road I would suggest to a new ish rider for sure
    I don't imagine the bike your taking about would appreciate it too much either

    Add in the factor of the interstate trucks trying to blow your bike off the road too
    (not intentionally)

    On the plus there are servos nearly every hour apart for stops

    Just my two cents :)

  15. well you are on one of the main roads/towns we would have to pass through. your 2 cents is duly noted. thanks.
  16. if it was me .the bike will be on a trailer for the trip home ,when i get home change the oil and filters new spark plugs, flush out old break fluid, drain fork oil and refill fork oil ,.then when your happy with the bike give the keys to your son being conferdent that the bike is good and safe as can be ..NEVER TRUST WHAT THE SELLER TELLS YOU its your boys ass on that bike ,safety first .its also a good idea to show him how to keep his bike well maintained ,witch is a big part of owning and rideing a motor bike
  17. Just put roadside breakdown on it and ride it.

    I rode my ZZR250 on a 1300km trip 3 weeks after getting it on my Ls. This was before mobile phones. Crashed it riding on dirt back of Grafton and then rode it 200kms with no front brake. Awesome trip.

    Today with a mobile phone what can go wrong?
  18. Well you could break down in an area without mobile coverage.
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  19. I would just ride it, i wouldnt buy a bike i was not confident in riding home from the guys house.
    If i was buying an interstate bike, it better be in bloody good condition anyway before i even bother to fly out to inspect it and buy it. I would also enlist an independent mechanic to inspect the bike mechanically before i went out there to make sure it was in decent order.
  20. I'm with Tiprat, trailer it home, even a ute would do. Then go over it, if something isn't quite right you are in the right place to fix it. I wouldn't think twice about buying a bike somewhere else if there isn't one locally. If it's the adventure you are after then that's a different issue.