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Universal Police signal

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Talle2, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Was out for a ride in the Gold Coast hinterland over the weekend. When I came over a crest I spotted a police radar tucked away on the side of the road. Thankfully I was behaving myself at the time ;), but after I passed him I wanted to warn other approaching riders of his presence. That started me thinking; is there a signal that bikers use to warn of police? Is it just a flash of high beam as you would in a car? I was signalling by raising my arm and twirling my finger in an attempt to indicate police lights/siren. Just curious what others out there do to warn their fellow riders...

  2. Raising the arm and twirling the finger(I was wondering how the hell to describe this when I read the thread title, your description works well... in context) is the main one I see used/use myself.
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  3. Yep the twirly finger thing seems pretty universal. The other one I use sometimes is taking my right hand off the throttle and move my hand in a downward patting motion as if to say slow down ;-)
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  4. Flash high-beams. Universal sign.
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  5. Patting - tapping the top of your helmet
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  6. Do you rub your tummy with the other hand?
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  7. About as universal as the other two already mentioned.
  8. I've been told before that it's actually illegal to flash your lights to warn people of cops, is this true or just a pub story?
  9. That's what I was taught and have always done.

    This may be a generational thing though as more recently licenced riders seem to go with the twirly finger thing.

    I used to use the twirly finger as a signal to turn around/do a u-turn.
  10. I believe it's something arse like obstructing an officer of the law from performing his duty rather than an explicit charge for flashing your lights.
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  11. Yeah, they teach it on the Learners Course nowadays.
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  12. How do you signal the need to turn around/u-turn etc?
  13. I was kidding, you should remove that informative thing, completely undeserved.
  14. The twirly finger thingy seems a bit "woop de doo" ala Austin Powers.
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  15. Ah, with that they could nab you for just about anything.
    At least with hand signals you can claim to be waving, that's probably a lesser charge. :dead:
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  16. Have a Winner instead.
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  17. So back on topic.... I got a ticket in nsw not too long ago because I flashed my lights at oncoming traffic. Turns out 1 was an undercover squad not in uniform... I wouldn't recomend doing it.
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  18. What was the given reason on the ticket? It might clear the confusion
  19. It's pretty funny actually ... "Use headlights to dazzle other driver" or something like that. the word dazzle was used however.
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