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Universal luggage rack

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Dark Angel, Dec 24, 2014.

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  1. Unknown brand, suspect universal fit. Removed from CB250 when bike bought, not involved in crash mentioned in parting out thread. Rack dismantles into three pieces for mounting/shipping.
    No bags, just the rack.


    $50 for the rack, $20 for shipping or pick up in person in Cowra.

  2. what's the width, centre to centre of where the rack meets the L-brackets?
    if at least 280mm, i'll take it, posted... :)

    (unless someone starting out with a CB250 wants it.. since it's a direct fit for that bike..)
  3. Centre to centre is 275mm, 255mm gap inside the uprights. Is that too close?
  4. pretty close, will check tomorrow. I'd be cutting it up to fit but too skinny may not clear the fairing/grab thingy

    it looks remarkably like a Ventura rack btw. (I'm fine with you wanting it to not be cut up :D )
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  5. Whoever buys it gets to do what they like with it. It's all good.
  6. I'll take it! another summer holiday mod/project :D
  7. Deal.
    Item sold pending payment.
  8. Crikey oldcorollasoldcorollas I think you need a stint working in ED tonight to give you something to play with:whistle:
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Not open for further replies.