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Universal like courage, love and hope.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Griffon, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. He is not dead but only flying higher
    higher than he's flown before
    and earthly limmitations
    will hinder him no more.

    There is no service ceiling
    or any fuel range
    and there is no anoxia
    or need for engine change.

    Thank god that his flight can be to heights
    his eyes had scanned
    where he can race with comets
    and buzz the rainbows span.

    For he is universal
    like courage love and hope
    and all free emotion
    of vast and godly scope.

    And understand a pilots fate
    is not the thing he fears
    but rather sadness left behind
    your heartbrake and your tears.

    So all you loved ones dry your eyes
    yes it is wrong that you should grieve
    for he would love your courage more
    and he would want you to believe.

    He is not dead
    you should have known
    that he's flying higher
    higher than he's ever flown. [/u]E Magid

    I miss you Simon.
  2. What is this all about?
  3. A tribute to a recently departed friend, is my guess.

  4. Yes,

    it is a tribute atropos.

    Many aviators ride bikes; I'm sure there is more than one aviator in Netrider that will appreciate the prose.

    I know it's Off Topic Stuff, but I did not mean to confuse MVRog & VCM.