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Unique sayings/terminology

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. One thing in particular that stood out in Melbourne is that the majority of Mexicans say, "I'm going to Queensland" when they actually mean, "I'm going to the Gold Coast". Is anyone able to explain to me why people call a city by the name of the state?

    What other sayings/terminology is unique to particular places around the country? If you've got others from around the world, let us know here too.

    In Qld, we call a slab a carton. I've noticed that everyone I've met from NSW call it a case. There's one example.

  2. But they are going to Queensland - the Gold Coast is just one part of it... :p

    In South Australia, Bronte is a boys first name! :roll:

    In NSW it's a place and in the rest of the world it's the surname of a group of female writers. :LOL:
  3. I am in qld, everytime i tell someone I am from Vic, they ask 'what part of melbourne'
  4. Most queenslanders think everything in Vic is a stone's throw from the Melbourne CBD.

    Most southerners think Qld is about one quarter the size that it actually is... eg. "We'll fly to Bris and go from there." In reference to Townsville.
  5. In the UK we use the term "rooting" for supporting or cheering on someone.... it appears to have a different meaning over here!! :wink:
  6. If/when I go to Canada, I'm going to a Roots store. :grin:
  7. I like to root whle rooting for my team
  8. There's heaps/a motza of them:

    devon/polony/fritz/luncheon meat
    stobie pole/powerpole/lightpole
    three-cornered jack/bindi-eye/double-gee
    schooner/pot/middy/handle (I know, these can be different volumes)
    deli/milk bar

    Off the top of my head .... but I know there are others.
  9. ....and "Root Beer"..... :shock: ...don't go there!!! :LOL:
  10. Don't forget Kevs: "Fair suck of the sauce bottle"......... :p
  11. :LOL: just the other weekend we were shopping and I had a craving for luncheon. Couldn't find it at the supermarket...fruckers had changed the name to devon! Butt heads! :p
  12. I used to go to school with a guy and we called him "Globite" because he was a bit of a case.
  13. Oh where do i begin? LOL, dunno much about interstate lingo but one thing i do know about is ( drum roll ) NAVY LINGO!!

    In the Navy, a uniform store is called "Slops" or "Sloppers"....

    Sunlight is "gammas"
    Cordial is "limers"
    Sauce is "redders"
    Thongs is "getters"
    Washing is "Dobie Gear"
    Flags are "rags"
    Eggs are "bum nuts"
    Cereal is "soggies"
    Toilets are "Heads"
    Showering is "tubs"
    Forward is "Forrad"
    Back is "aft"
    Heaven is known as "The 4 floors o'whores"
    Priests are known as "God botherers"
    Dentists are "Fang Bosuns"
    Cooks are "Fitters and turners"
    Meals is "SCRAN"... Shitty Cooking for the RAN....
    Cutlery is "fighting gear"
    Civvie clothes is "pirate rig or steppers"
    And the C-bomb is a term of endearment.

    And remember...

    .. it isnt gay, if we are underway!!!! ARRRRRRRRR!!!

    :p :LOL:
  14. You're a bit early for that one. September 19th!!

    As usual when something like this is brought up, the mind goes blank where hundreds of examples would have been evident had not someone asked.

    However, on a similar path, Victorians call the town "Casslemain" while everyone else calls it "Carsellmain" :LOL:

    I have noted regional patterns of speech too. For example, the habit of ending a sentence with the interrogatory, "well" seems to be a particular speech pattern of people from Newcastle (insert favoured pronunciation here........:LOL: ) and the Hunter Valley region. Don't ask me why, it just seems to be that way.
  15. Daylan, that reminds me when Oakey Creek open cut was still operational. Here's the lingo of two of the maintenance crew.

    "Give me that thing." (referring to a spanner)
    "Can you give me that thing?" (referring to a bolt)
    "Watch out for that thing" (bulldozer that moves the dragline cable)
    "Put on that thing" (overalls)
    "Put on that thing" (hard hat)

    In fact, nearly everything was a "thing".

    As for the Kenmare underground in Blackwater everything was a c**t whether or not it be an animate or inanimate object.
  16. Welcome to the Circus. LOL!!! At least u now have one up on everyone else! HA! :grin:

  17. There's a lot of people in Qld (but a higher proportion outside of the larger areas / capitals) who end their sentences with "ay". I haven't heard it anywhere else yet...... ay :LOL:.
  18. Thanks for the reminder. I lived (existed) in Ipswich for 3 years and noticed that speech pattern there too.

    I once heard an acquaintance use the word "well" at the end of a sentence and they were stunned when I told them that they obviously came from Newcastle!
  19. There was a promo clip for Roy and HG's "the boot" that I loved.

    "Hi, I'm Sam Kekovich. I love beer, I love watching footy and I LOVE ROOTING. And I do 'em all while I'm listening to THE BOOT."
  20. Used to be married to a Banana Bender, EVERYTHING has "ay" or "but" on the end...as in:

    "Cnt do it, but" end of sentance
    "Where we going, but" end of sentance

    Its like "ay", LOL! He was from Deception Bay, so i wonder is the "but" is indigenous to that area? Anyone, but? LOL!! :p