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Unique Quandary

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jastel, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I'm after some advice on which gear to purchase for the warmer months of summer.
    I have a somewhat unique genetic condition which affects my cooling ability. I only have sweat glands in the palm of my hands and soles of my feet, I do not sweat anywhere else on my body. As you can imagine this can make hot days quite uncomfortable.... like running a car with a faulty radiator.
    I'd like to know which gloves, jacket and pants offer the most ventilation whilst still providing an acceptable amount of protection?
    I'm not sure about wearing leather.... fat people don't look good in leather lol

  2. Leather probably won't offer the level of cooling you need. A jacket with a lot of zipable or velcro closed ventilation will help. Also because of your condition I would look at body cooling garments e.g. Thera Collars to see if they can help. You need to get cooling on the points where the bloodstream is close to the skin.

    Hope you find a solution that works for you. Good Luck. :)
  3. Thanks mate, I'd never heard of a Thera Collar and they look great.
  4. Holy crap that's a nice jacket. Thanks.
  5. Hi

    This is your solution-
    Fully ventilated mess jacket with shoulder, elbow, back and front armor included with the jacket.
    Alex is a real pleasure to deal with as well.

    Might be slightly biased as I have this jacket and it is great in the summer, I spent a lot of time looking for a summer jacket with good protection an IMHO this was by far the best jacket available in terms of protection. RS Taichi is not as well know as the big brands and can be hard to get but worth hunting it down.

    Also Alex's prices are the same as getting it from OS so a great chance to keep things local.

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. yeah I'm seriously thinking about getting one. Only think I'm umming and aaahing about is that the waterproof liner is inside the cordura, which means the outer jacket can get waterlogged. Not so great for touring when you have to wear the same gear day after day.

    But I'm not sure that's enough to stop me getting one!
  7. Check out the Joe Rocket, Blaster perforated jackets... they're made for the US market so they can actually look half decent on a fat bloke... you can pick these up brand new for under $200 on special,but they normally go for around $300-$400.

    Given your unique condition, you might want to look into making (or having made) a custom cooling vest to wear under any jacket you buy. The cooling scarves, that someone linked to earlier in this thread, are basically a cotton tube filled with water gel beads. These are the same type of thing that are mixed with potting mix to keep pot plants hydrated longer... so you can buy them from nurseries etc. It would be easy to make a light fabric vest with pockets of gel beads spread over it; this could give you a synthetic sweat layer that you're missing. Any seamstress or tailor could make one, anyone that can use a sewing machine, even me.

    If 3XL is your size range, PM me as I have a used perforated leather jacket that might fit you and it would be cheap.
  8. For summer in Qld I use a Dririder Air-ride. Got SMIDSY in 2010 and the jacket took a beating but insurance replaced it with a Dririder Nordic - which had some leather on shoulders and fore-arms. The air ride was great on 30+ days enen used it on some 40+ days
  9. You're actually a cat who's nicked your owner's log-in aren't you?:wink:
  10. I have one of those water holding crystal neck coolers. It's as hot as Hades here in North Qld in summer and it works a treat. The cheapest place I have found them is everythingbutthebike.com
  11. I have a dainese airframe jacket. It has plenty of ventilation.

    Could you maybe get a mesh jacket and then wear maybe a cotton t-shirt under it, periodically wetting the t-shirt with a bottle of water?

    I thought about maybe getting a 12volt pump with a nozzle and pump to spray water at my torso on really hot days... not sure if others have tried anything like that.
  12. He he he, I love the sporadic humour that pops up in this joint.
    On a slightly more serious note, sweating is purely to provide a moisture cover which when exposed to air has a cooling effect. So theoretically you arent going to get any hotter than the rest of us sweating away under our protective clothing.
    It seems to me your problem is trying to find a way to keep your hands and feet dry as they are doing all the leaking. Well ventilated gloves and jacket is reasonably easy, not sure what you do about the boots.
  13. You could try an open face helmet and hang your tongue out.
  14. You can get vests that are made out of that crystal neck cooling stuff. Maybe check them out first as they are thick and if you get one you'll want to account for the thickness when you choose your jacket size.

    Somebody somewhere makes an air-conditioner that mounts on the rear seat and feeds you cool air through a pipe down your jacket.

    The other thing to consider is that sometimes one needs to wrap up more in the heat to remain cool, when the air is really hot. On days over 40 I gear up rather than gear down.
  15. you could HTFU
  16. Trade the Ninja on a Gixxer and squid

    Not only will you be cool, but also fully sik
  17. Hahaha..... very funny guys :)
    I guess the greatest difficulty will be staying cool at low speeds ie stuck in traffic, once I'm moving I should be fine. If I don't get cool I pass out from heat stroke and die.... only twice in my life I've passed out when I've been unable to cool myself.
    I'll definately get one of those neck coolers so cheers for that. I'll just have to see how I go in 35c+ heat.
  18. Jesus man where are you riding this summer? I'm off in the other direction..
  19. No, Heating The **** Up is what he's trying to avoid :)