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Unintended wheelie, my first air...........

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Voz, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Cruising in peak hour traffic today on Hombush Bay Drive and stalled it on takeoff. I have been doing this stalling a lot since I switched from my scooter to the bike and I have gotten used to quickly pressing the starter so the car behind me does not steam roll me.

    Well, I pushed the starter real quick but it did not fire instantly so I throttled it. This seemed to happen in microseconds. It then fired and up I went, got the front wheel down very roughly and carried on like Joe Cool whilst secretly shitting myself.

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  2. Hehehe nice one! (y)

    Tapatalkin' ... non-stop nonsense at its finest!
  3. Those things really have some punch down low, huh?
    I'd be practising in my street if I were you...
  4. ...Woa!..... ride 'em cowboy!..... :eek:

    I would have at least shouted "faaaaaarrrrrrrrk"!.... ;)
  5. There is an audible crunch when the bike lands back on all 2s. Hope those weren't nuts being crushed haha.
  6. I did, you just can't hear it over the engine noise. Surprisingly I remained calm throughout, did not panic and make it worse thank god.
  7. Yes, optimized for low down torque and very short gearing. I actually swapped out the 46 tooth rear sprocket for a 43 tooth rear sprocket as it was just too low geared and had a tendency to pop monos!
  8. Nope, that was the sound of my pride being crushed. The nuts are aok!
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  9. #9 mike8863, Jun 15, 2012
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    body weight forward, slight REAR brake, and roll the throttle closed slowly, not snap it shut...

    otherwise, not the worst first effort I've ever seen....=D>

  10. Next time spare a thought for the kittens.
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  11. Looks like you gave it SFA.

    I love the first accidental wheelie. Did mine on a ZZR-250.

    "Why aren't you going bike? I'll give you more gas. Oh, I need to release the clutch?" *drop* *surprise!*

    Off a gutter too.
  12. Try and do that on the Tmax!
  13. wow they really come up easy.

    but is good,
    need more wheelie posts in this forum.
    proof that we're not all "riders den" types
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  14. haha ive done the same thing on my bike aswell. split to the front. foot down. lights go green. stall. grab a handful and dump the clutch. all whilst still between to cars.
  15. So the real cause of my unintended wheelie is clutch dump, I get that now.

    Lesson learned.
  16. Haha. Like those engines with a lot of torque down low. They pull some nice wheelies from a standing start. Just lucky you aren't living in Victoria...

    You would have lost your license for 12 months, received a fine in the thousands, and maybe lost your job if you rely on your license for work. Which could result in losing your house, marriage, children, etc, etc. Including being classed as a Hoon. Thank god for common sense laws. ](*,)
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  17. Haha! For sure.
  18. You missed having the bike impounded or crushed, unless thats just queensland.
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  19. got to love the frist unintended wheely i did my on a gs500 and fu*king shit myself more becasue the car behide me was a cop car