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unijoint for a kawa z1100

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by timbo79, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. does anyone know what a unijoint is and where to find one. it is for a kawa Z1100 and old Z1100 and how much they cost and how much to fit

    thanx guys
  2. That's a shaft drive motorbike. The uni(versal)joint is in the drive shaft, and allows the back wheel to go up and down while the drive shaft rotates.

    As for where to get one, I'd try my nearest Kwaka dealer. Being Gold Plated (tic) like all motorbike parts, will probably cost an arm and 3 legs.

    Judging by the way you've framed the question, I'd suggest your first move should be to get a service manual for your bike.

    As for how much to fit; nothing if you do it yourself. Nothing like getting on first name terms with every nut and bolt on your bike. If you're mechanically challenged, let your local bike shop do it.

    BTW; what makes you think it needs replacing?

  3. Kawasaki parts aren't usually THAT expensive. K made lots of large shaft drive bikes, Kawasaki are known for parts bin recycling, so I bet the U joints are pretty much the same, guaranteeing affordability.

    Regards, Andrew.