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Uniforms threat by bikie gang

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. http://www.thesundaymail.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5936,15505771%5E2765,00.html

    Uniforms threat by bikie gang


    A NOTORIOUS bikie gang is threatening a social club for veteran riders because they don't like the nametags on their jackets.

    The outlaw Rebels gang has told Australia's biggest social motorcycle club, the Ulysses club, to change their uniform or face "enlightenment".

    The Rebels, who have a history of organised crime, drug distribution and bloody battles with rival gangs, have taken it as a personal insult that Ulysses riders are wearing "rockers", or tags, on their jackets.

    They are fiercely protective of such logos, usually positioned above or below club insignias, which they consider hard-fought badges of seniority and bikie "honour".

    The rockers of Ulysses riders, aged from 40 to 91, contain seemingly innocuous information such as nicknames and the branch they belong to.

    Club officials have told members to do exactly what the Rebels have requested, or face the consequences.

    This stance has angered some riders, who believe they should not be pushed around. Some already have resigned and others will voice their opinion at a special meeting on Tuesday.

    "It's gone from threats of violence to where Rebel gang members are removing tags off our jackets. If we don't do it, we will be getting a flogging," a senior Brisbane-based Ulysses club member said.

    The battle started in March when Canberra-based Rebels confronted Ulysses members during the Ulysses annual meeting, attended by about 5000 riders.

    A 60-year-old woman was among those threatened.

    Later that month, Ulysses national secretary Kim Kennerson and treasurer Vic Lesslie were summoned to a tense meeting at the Rebels' Sydney headquarters, where feared national boss Alex Vella reinforced the gang's position.

    As a result, the Ulysses national executive has told members to take off their rockers in the interests of safety and threatened dissenters with expulsion.

    Mr Kennerson wrote on the club's website that it was a meeting he would never forget.

    "Expectations of a quiet face-to-face meeting with Alex and a few others was quickly dispelled as we walked into a hall full of Rebels, all seated awaiting our arrival.

    "Three seats were already allocated for us facing Alex, who was seated with six of his lieutenants, three either side, with the remaining 40-50 members behind us."

    During the meeting, it was alleged that some Ulysses members had told the Rebels to "get f-----, we will wear what we like".

    "When this was mentioned, it did not go down well with those present," Mr Kennerson wrote.

    More than 100 Ulysses members plan to meet their national executive at the Logan City Tavern on Tuesday to discuss the matter.
  2. I wonder what the "Hells Accountants" think of all this?
  3. This is of the Usissies site

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    Posted - 05 June 2005 : 1:37:04 PM
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    In June 5th Sunday Mail, there is an article regarding the wearing of "Rockers" and threats from the Rebels. It also quotes "More that 100 Ulysses members plan to meet their national executives at Logan City Tavern to discuss this matter".

    THIS IS INACCURATE. - And has nothing to do with the Logan Ulysses, who support Natcoms’ decision regarding Rockers (some of us might not like it, but will support it).

    There is a small number of ex Ulyssians (or soon to be ex) that have formed their own club and appear to be trying to use the Logan monthly meeting as their own forum to voice their disapproval of Ulysses Natcom. This is NOT supported by the majority of Logan Ulysses!

    The only meeting being held on Tuesday 7th June at Logan City Tavern is the regular monthly meeting of the Logan Ulysses, and there is no discussion on the Rocker issue or other issues surrounding it.

    This is our normal monthly meeting of the Logan Ulysses, but we will be electing an interim committee until elections can be held, as 3 of our committee have resigned or are resigning from Ulysses to be in another club. These people are the ones who want to raise the Rocker issue and use our meeting as a platform for their own purpose.

    All Ulysses members are welcome at any Ulysses meetings, but please respect our meeting and do not raise issues that are past and finished.

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    Posted - 05 June 2005 : 5:33:08 PM
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    Thank you for your messages of support.

    Since posting my first thread on this matter, I have been informed that the person who was approached by the Sunday Mail is not even a regular member of Logan Ulysses or a member of the new club that has been formed. It looks like he has his own agenda in trying to upset the applecart of both clubs.

    I have been informed that the new club has now been officially started and due to the constitution of the club, cannot maintain membership of the Ulysses Club. Their reasons for moving on has nothing to do with the “Rocker”issues and never has, but involves other issues with Natcom, and Ulysses no longer suites their needs.
  4. and as it has been said before............NEVER LET THE TRUTH GET IN THE WAY OF A GOOD STORY
  5. It's good to see the rednecks out in full force,

    The beef was over rockers, which many clubs including ulyssess had an agreement with the patch clubs many many years ago that they would not wear them.

    Next we'll see snippets from andrew Bolte column be put forward as news.

    Bring on A current affair, no wait FOX news fair and unbiased , you decide

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. its not just victoria motorcycle politics that has splinter group , even ulysses have there own :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. This has all been sorted and is old news .
  8. no its not , geez , i have to keep up with things .