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Uni Students

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by spenaroo, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. THE FOLLOWING IS OFF TOPIC (sorry mods)

    well there's your problem....
    uni students ignorant idiot's.
    who believe the crap they are fed...as its what they do all day
    believing themselves to be knowledgeable cause they read about it...

    this is a post from my facebook, in reply to my stance on calling boat people refugee's when the majority are economic migrants, (from my personal experience from living in Africa - specifically ghana and sierra leone)
    he's qouting me, his parts are in red

    the majority are certainly not fleeing their countrys for reasons of death or persecution.

    [citation needed]

    these are middle class people in their country's who are paying big $$$ in order to better their own position.

    [citation needed]. Also, heaven forbid having middle-class individuals in our society.

    (and who these people are taking the set number of places for)

    That isn't how it works. =/

    Stop being ignorant, Spencer.

    then after i explained this is all from actually living in these countries for an extended period,spending my whole days talking with the people and discussing there issues (was a missionary). not some report or book

    All of this is based on anecdotes. Give me evidence. I don't accept what people 'have heard'. Hearing things doesn't make them true. Show me reports that back up your assertions. Show me some concrete reference that argues your point and explains why. When making a claim about thousands of people, your experience with one or two means very little.

    this is the problem with the uni system....
    these kids have an opinion on everything.... yet have experienced next to nothing.
    and dont believe something unless it is cross referenced from studies by people outside the field of what is actually being discussed
    dismissing peoples real world experience, for studies and surveys

    bureaucracy is not going mad.... tertiary education is
  2. Moved it here as this deserves a separate thread.
  3. The problem is academics (like me) that mark student's down when they make comments that are not supported by references or experimental data. From an academic point of view your experiences are anecdotal, unless they were part of a properly structured study free from any inherent personal biases.

    That said given it was FB, and not peer-review of a technical paper, the student is indeed a cock.
  4. Yes uni students are opinionated, idealistic, usually left leaning and all sorts of other impractical things. It's the time for them to be all that until they get out into the real world and have to fight for survival. It's never been any different and never will be.
    A few never grow up but most do when they have to compete for a job, pay a mortgage, put kids through school and all the other challenges that life throws at us.
    Humour and tolerate them, or don't, won't change.
  5. I now work in a high school. I had previously always viewed uni students as naive, opinionated idiots; but now I simply view them as kids in years 13,14,& 15.

    (I'm referring to the young-and-straight-out-of-school-and-I-am-a-grownup-now-undergrads obviously.)
  6. coming from an 20 yr old....

    well really, they are.
    (and isnt that what uni kinda is..... its how i viewed it in yr12)
    they go straight from high school to uni.
    maybe taking an gap year to back-pack Europe or similar.

    look at the difference between those who did or are doing apprenticeships (talking about people who could have gone to uni but chose not to). to those who go to university, its staggering to see the change in mindset and views.

    opinionated drivel -not relevant to thread:
    they just don't grow up yet.... cause they don't need too.
    but still have the view that they are adults.

    simmilar to my view on career politicians.....
    but thats another can of worms

    [MENTION=14639]smee[/MENTION] thanks for moving this. and not simply deleting it.
    i applaud your work:applause:
  7. That really depends on the Uni/course.

    I've met a lot of immature tradies before, and some of those were in their 50s.
  8. not relevant to thread
  9. your generalisations about uni students are as odd as your generalisations about boat people... (and yes full disclosure I am a uni student).

    every person called Derick that I've met is a Dick - thus all Derick's are Dicks... that makes sense right???
  10. fair call...

    more kinda off topic drivel:
    i should specify that i view uni students as different groups...
    the drunken idiots (here to party and socialize)
    *the worldly ignorant, who cant be told otherwise (the ones discussed in this thread.. before i put it off topic)
    the boffins (great in the field of study, useless at anything else)
    the time wasters (kinda like the drunken idiots... but doing degree's to no-where for the sake of a degree... i.e. the arts majors... but god help you if you say a bachelor of arts or philosophy isn't going to get you anywhere)
    the academics (aka.. career student study X to study Y to study Z etc...)

    not all derrick's are dicks.... but all uni students are (sorry - couldn't resist)

    Ive edited my previous posts to keep on topic. rather then jumping around between generalizations.
    the first post pretty much sums up what this thread is about (and the generalized group of people), i do not wish to subtract from that with other generalizations of uni students (drinking, laziness etc..)
  11. Probably depends on how you define maturity.
    Uni grads tend to know a lot of stuff, but don't yet know how to do anything useful with what they know.
    Tradies are just those who don't let a lack of knowledge get in the way of doing stuff :LOL:

    As for drinking - Mining Engineers truly have no equal. It's about the only thing they're actually good for, but they do it well.
  12. So you think that the experience of one person should count for more than a study based on data from many people, chosen in a way to make them representative of the population as a whole? I'm all for real world experience, but to my mind a well-designed academic study is more credible than a single anecdote, any day of the week.

    The only thing sadder than an idealist who wilfully ignores reality is a cynic who wilfully ignores reality.

    (full disclosure: grad student in maths and stats)
  13. Do you think you might be being a tad hypocritical considering you're only 20? How much 'real world experience', can you personally possibly have?

    lol at thinking being a tourist in Africa makes you an expert on anything.
  14. On a some what related tangent -

    I have hazy memories of first year uni - two big questions needed to be answered -

    1. Where can I get the next drink from?
    2. Which girl should I chase now?

    Seriously however it was not till I got to around 30 that I finally figured out that my father really did know what he was talking about!

    Just my personal observation - Carry on.

    Cheers Jeremy
  15. no,
    but i think that experience from a person who has spent the time in the field is more valuable to those who have only studied it.

    i.e to put an example that relates to this forum.

    i believe that the experience of a motorcyclists in the community is of more value then that portrayed by a study from someone who has never thrown a leg over a bike, and come to conclusions from statistics and records analysed in an office - looking to support a pre-conceived outcome.

    i never touted myself as an expert.
    this was my view on a social networking site.
    not a thesis to be submitted.
    which was the whole point in the (in my view silly) reply from the uni student

    and i was not a tourist in Africa.
    i was living in and with the people, working hard.
    i slept where they did, did what they did, ate what they did... even spoke what they did (krio rather then english)
    i was definitely not there as a tourist or on holiday.
    and i would still be there if it was not for suffering severe depression (to the point where staying in Africa was not a viable option for my safety)

    You would be surprised at the experience i have gained,
    i may be young (a few days off 21) but ive lived those few years to the best of my ability gaining that experiencing. sure it is not as much as many people older then me, but it is considerably more then the majority of people i know my age. (and that is by their own comments and admission)
    age does not equal experience,
    in the same way age does not equal wisdom,

    once again... interesting to see the reply's from the students, and from the non-students.
  16. Do you even know what the role of the university was historically? Hint: people didn't go to them for vocational training.

    I could post something about how an Arts major is at least more likely to know how to use apostrophes and probably would not end sentences with four full stops, however you'd probably reply with something about how that is an example of how uni students focus too much on insignificant things and that you don't really care anyway because it's just an online post.
  17. You did forget one group:
    -Those that work just as many hours in a week as an apprentice/tradie to pay their living costs, yet still manage to also fit in numerous hours of lectures and study as well.

    I know by my final year of my undergraduate degree I was working the equivalent of a full-time job at night (heavy manual labour), but still fitiing in 8 hours a day working on my degree.
  18. The negative traits you have identified in university students are those often displayed by young adults generally. Overestimating their own knowledge and abilities, feeling that they are right and others are wrong, believing that a superficial understanding of a topic is really a deep one, knowing that their own personal experiences are somehow more valid and meaningful than those of others.

    Ringing any bells yet Spenaroo?
  19. I am a uni student.

    Every single one of my friends hates left wing pinkos

    Also, I don't think it's a problem with "uni students"... more just idiots.
  20. I lot of the mining engineering students I know are actually quite focused and career driven. Yes they still drink very well though.