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Uni students open me.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BRK, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Greetings,

    Just curious to know how many riders attend university here?
    Im studying P.E/Health.

    Any others?


  2. I do. You will meet heaps of riders at uni.
  3. where's here. :?:
  4. here, as in netrider.

    mild apologies.
  5. "Uni students open me" :? :? :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. i've been known to study uni students :grin:
  7. I attend this institution.
  8. I work for a University, does that count?
  9. Exercise and Sport Sci, although I don't ride just yet :p Soon my precious, soooon...
  10. Graduated in December. God that was such a good day.
  11. Finished my PE/Health secondary education degree 3 years ago. Enjoying the benefits of school holidays and the pay now.
  12. aye, i go to uni and can't wait to get paid instead of stitched up. ride almost every day great parking as it saves me 300 a year
  13. Yeah, there are two quite large bike parking areas at my uni, both full of a very wide range of interesting bikes. I'm on the other side of the lectern, but still at uni.

    (btw I know some of the nice, expensive new bikes I see belong to profs, but I think a fair few belong to students too. Rich b*&^&^s - felt bad having the PhD and still riding up on my 20 year old POS bike! At least the new bike helps a lot with that!)
  14. I don't think any of the new, shiny bikes here are owned by staff - the few that do ride all have much older bikes, and rarely ever ride them to work (probably because they know all to well how most Uni students drive).
  15. i do .

    go to monash and have noticed that the number of bikes have increased heaps. but yea saves me 300 dollars a year. uni shits me , its become more of a business than anything else . youd expect atleast the food to be cheap but even thats not the case.

    theres my rant for the day
  16. i agree. You are truley on your own at uni, cant expect any help/ goodwill from anyone.

    At Kiosk- "can i please change this $5 for coins, so i can park?" Response: "No, buy something first!"
    "But i only have this $5, and thats the cost of parking!"
    Response: "You holding up the line, go away"

    Least with a bike you can stick it up em and park right outside your lecture. And it does save a shizenload of money in parking!

  17. That's because they abolished compulsory student unionism - which happened because they used the word "union" and they started getting far too political (especially the Melbourne Unis).

    I miss the days of the 2 buck hotdog, 5 buck jugs of beer and live bands performing every Wednesday :(.
  18. I'm at Uni. Last year, but i don't wanna leave.
  19. I bailed on my course because I was a know it all little shit.
    Of course, my job title does now say "Software Engineer", oh well I guess the piece of paper wasn't as necessary as my Dad implied.