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Uni student kills 30+ people.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Hot on the heals of the thread about cheating, 30+ people are dead in the USA after a Uni student who's GF cheated on him, went on a rampage with a gun.
    Very sad day for society :evil:

  2. Lesson # 1 .

    Dont cheat.....Period :cry:
  3. Don't cheat (and get caught) .... Period can also be said :eek:

    Then again.

    DON'T KILL PEOPLE (over that or any other 'little things')
  4. I killed 30 people last night too. I didn't donate a f*cking thing to the oxfam drive.
  5. What's the bet that the NRA comes out with the catchcry yet again :-
    "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"

    let's feel happy that firearms are regulated here in australia.
    My pity does go out to the families of those affected.
  6. Dear god not again. Condolences to the familes of all the departed.

    I really wonder how much more of this maddness it will take for gun control in the usa?

    Can you imaging the fall out here in australia if this happend in a local uni?
  7. Stoopid thing is, the cops "thought" they arrested the guy after the first few murders, then the actual guy went on killing more :roll:
  8. They'll wipe themselves out one day... hopefully.

    I reckon they should stop trying to solve the rest of the world's problems and try to sort out their own back yard first...

    Stoopid Seppo's :evil:
  9. Are we all forgetting Martin Bryant?
  10. There are just too many weapons in the US though.
    Gun Control in America would be like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

    I think they're retards for letting it get to where it is, but I support concealed carry permits for teachers, senior students, pilots and cabin-crew more than gun control legislation [which would be expensive and ineffective].
  11. I remeber his rampage. Its not the first blood bath in australias history but its was definatley the fulcrum for legeslation change in australia.
  12. nice analogy... plus there will always be some nut clamin its a debasement of their rights blah blah...

    what ever happend to the "for the common good of all"?
  13. im going to take what im sure is an unpopular stance here and say that as much as you may want to control and legislate guns they will still be available in the hands of criminals and the hands of those who really do wish to do you harm

    taking the guns out of the hands of law obiding citizens doesnt take them out of the hands of the criminals, just because its illegal to carry a handgun per say doesnt mean its going to stop someone intent on shooting up a place

    what makes this incident even more horrific is that the state this happened in has concealed carry laws that allow you to carry on campus as well as other places (a concealed handgun permit ect) , but that the university itself decided to ban students from carrying at the risk of expulsion , i know most people dont want to open their mind enough to think about anything other than the popular line being spun by the media as we speak but all it would have took is one student with a concealed carry weapon to stop this tradgedy , and if that doesnt get you thinking then nothing will

    yes there are a lot of problems with having liberal laws on guns , and america is a prime example of that but there will always be guns available in the hands of criminals no matter if we even outright banned guns because borders are porus and guns will still get in.

    the real problem lies in the cause of these things, thats what needs to be addressed , people will always find another way to kill people even if you take away their guns , be it with bombs, knives, poison, or even a stick

    /rant , thats just my opinion im not flaming anyone or trying to be rude or offend anyone i just honestly dont agree with the popular chain of thought that guns are bad and must be banned, which is exactly what people are going to try and do after this sensless tradgedy
  14. martin bryant was bullied to breaking point. the small town called him 'slow martin'. read with sacasm 'gee, thats clever'. not because it ended up in blood but because they could av thought of something better!

    martin used hollow tip bullets so there were bodies, still holding their coffee cups up, without a head.

    martin is suspected of killing 2 other people. his father who was found in a damn with rocks in his pocket and his geriatric lady friend who died in a car accident where martin was the passenger. she told her friends that martin sometimes grabs the wheel when she's driving. martin inherrited all her money.

    as for USA, the signs of violence must have been there. that girfriend had a lot a guts to cheat on him. maybe they were broken up everywhere except in his mind.

    it seems anyone can get into uni over there. not a bright bunch to pick from tho, i mean, look at their president!
  15. Gemlin85, good post your dam right about gun laws doing little.. The guns used at the monash shooting are still available for sale. They banned handguns under 6" from being sold and large magazines yet neither handgun that was used has been banned. If people want to commit murder they will find a way :cry:
  16. They do not need gun control. They need people control. they need a system in place to make it harder for people to own guns like we have here. All gun owners must demonstrate a genuine need to own a firearm. These laws were put in place after the Port Arthur tragedy and were supposed to be national laws but all the states still have their own little differances. At the time of Port Arthur you did not need a licence to buy a firearm in Tasmania.
  17. its too late to stop guns but what they CAN do is make bullets REALLY REALLY hard to get.
  18. I believe it was Chris Rock who suggested opening up gun control for all and sundry, but then making bullets something like $1,500 each.

    "I'm really pissed at you man, so I'm gonna save up for a year to buy a bullet and shoot you..."

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Personally, gun control is an impossible task in the US, as OZ650r suggested they need 'people control', maybe start educating their kids properly, maybe stop glorifying gun culture, maybe a little less of the ingrained Us vs Them mentality that seems to prevail across the US.
  19. a hollow point wont remove the head , it just leaves a decent size exit wound, the bullet collapses on impact transfering more of the bullets energy into the body, in effect you have better stopping power without over penetration (eg the bullet wont go through one person and into the next nearly as easily as a full metal jacket round) , and in the calibre rifles he used it still will not have the power to do that with single shots , short of using a .50bmg round or a shotgun you wont have anything near that effect , so whoever said that was either exagerating or fibbing

    also if you want to read about martin i suggest http://home.overflow.net.au/~nedwood/portarthur.html , looking at the word conspiracy in the title of the site well , i know what your thinking but take that with a grain of salt and just read the information on there , especially about the skills of the shooting in the cafe needed that martin did not posess , http://home.overflow.net.au/~nedwood/bryant.html , starrting there , im not saying he didnt do it but it raises enough actual doubt as to if he was acting alone as they say

    and no im not a conspiricy theory nut its just interesting when you consider the actual evidence given. it will make you think if your half way open minded
  20. This would work tops if most hunters and competition rifle users weren't making their own ammunition anyway [you can buy kits].
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