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Uni security tampered with my bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. ...maybe? Here's what happened:

    I attended a public lecture tonight at Australian Catholic University in Fitzroy Melbourne. I parked my bike in a kind of court-yard between the main building and the carpark, for security's sake. When I came back to it at the end of the night, with some friends, I took my two locks off the bike and noticed nothing. While I was standing there, having done this, a Uni security guard walked past and said, "Hey, is your bike leaking petrol?!" I said "No" - it doesn't, and I certainly hadn't smelt any even though I'd knelt down beside it to remove the locks. My friends commented on the strange almost aggressive way the security guard asked the question. My friends left, and the security guard immediately walked past again and said, "Mate, that's a Yamaha! It's got BSA stickers on it, but it's not...it's a Yamaha!" He said this with a tone of unfriendly irritation, but - glad to speak to somebody who knows something of bikes - I explained in humorous tone how the previous owner had put such stickers on it, and that I had removed them except for these. The guy ignored me when I spoke to him, rather he turned his back and walked away the moment I began speaking. Strange! Then I knelt down, wondering at his claim of petrol, and found indeed that it was leaking petrol, only that I had to inspect closely (on this wet rainy night) to smell it. Then I went to start the bike - it's a kickstart - and it just wouldn't start (it normally starts first or second kick). I gave the bike an inspection...and somebody had turned the fuel tap onto Prime! That doesn't happen by accident. Then it occured to me that, to see those actually quite small stickers - so small that I hadn't bothered to remove them - the guy must have got up real close to the bike.

    Perhaps he was a security guard 'teaching me a lesson' about parking in the court-yard? Perhaps (I suspect, given his words and manner) he was one of those ridiculous 'riders' of the sort who hates "Jap crap", and committed a vindictive act against this 'fraud'? Perhaps again he had nothing to do with it. If it was either of the first two, he had no justification whatsoever.

    I wasn't going to waste time blowing hot air at such a reasonable man (!), who would just blow it back, and I thought of contacting his work - but of course he could argue coincidence and innocence, adding that my vehicle was leaking petrol in their court-yard and so distracting the issue.

    I'm mad...but also glad : that my bike escaped worse from another of this world's well-adjusted 'characters'!

  2. f*cking prick. i hate people who f*ck with bikes, they are just jealous and pathetic.
    too bad there's not much you can do, just hope you catch him in the act next time.

    it sh*ts me so much that we cant park our bikes anywhere without the risk of sum loser touching it
  3. Damn those security guards that failed the police enterance exam...
    Damn rent-a-cops that give the rest of the crowd a bad name.
    Last time I caught a security guard looking at my bike, he wanted to buy it from me, once I let him sit on it and rev it a bit (having recently got his learners, and a fairly tall bloke looking for a bike at the time.), at least I know my bike is safe at uni, very bike friendly security.
  4. Yeh, I can't fault the security at my own uni (Melb Uni) - they're sometimes a little pedantic, but basically quite decent and reasonable. They might respectfully hassle me about where I park my bike sometimes, but will then turn around and have a friendly chat about their riding experiences. I think ACU has a nutter on at nights!
  5. Yeah, at Swinburne, it seems that as long as you are respectfully parking your bike (out of the way/with the groups of bikes), they will look after it for you. Especially considering half their staff ride recreationally. And I have met so many good security guards, its just the jokers that I hate, same as with the police.
  6. I would report him to the security co he works for and the uni. It's not legal to tamper with a vehicle. If I wasn't satisfied with their response I would seriously consider a police report of someone tampering with my bike.
  7. If you don't often go to acu, that is. all it takes is a security guard (with CCTV conrol), and a rap on the knuckles from the boss to take out his severely misguided views on the bsa inspired yamaha (please insert tuning forks:p)
  8. My thoughts exactly (however, please insert Yamaha! :wink: ...and SR...that makes all the difference! :cool: ) I've just started working for that Uni (taking philosophy tutorials...at 8am!!!!!) and as I say I'm glad a flooded carbie was all I got. I'll just park my bike elsewhere in future - I'm the one who'd lose out otherwise. Hopefully the freak only works nights.
  9. Is this the newest conspiracy theory? :p
  10. Maybe....

    mattb, the government flooded your carbie.
  11. That sucks mate. A shame you can't prove what he did (if he did it). If you park there again and he is on duty, try putting some ink on the tap, that way at least if he turns it again he will have stained fingers. Just a thought.
  12. you could always ask if his car has a flat :twisted:
  13. My guess is he saw it leaking petrol and turned the tap to prime thinking he was turning it off. All in all a fairly sensible thing to do as it poses a fire hazard under the OH&S laws most Unis operate under.
    If you truly don't want people messing with your ride, get an alarm with motion sensor.
  14. Theres your problem right there :wink: :p
  15. ACU everyone knows micks hate jap bikes!

    OY you stole my avator!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :p
  16. Better yet get some pure chilli extract, if anyone gets that on their fingers they'll soon know about it :twisted:.
  17. especially if the have acold and rub there nose
  18. That's the thing - you just never know. The more I get annoyed about it, the more I feel it must have been him, as though it was obvious (one needs to be sceptical of their passionately-charged remembrance of events), but maybe he's innocent. (Still, there's no Yamaha stamps on the bike, so he had to know what he was looking at with a detailed eye, yet we are to believe he didn't think to check if he was going for 'prime' or 'off'.)

    They all ride the sexiest new release...Vatican Ducati. Clean sanctified lines; wholly spirited; a fast modern mass that really cuts corners but with no error ('error' in Ancient Greek = 'heresy').
    Sorry about the avator - you beat me to it! :(
  19. And the name as well :grin:

    Great minds think alike
  20. Not if he has an Indian background..