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Unfortunately not a near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by chrome, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. The moment after this was painful. Fortunately nothing permanent for me. The bird, however, was not moving afterwards.


    Too tired, 700km day, will elucidate later.
  2. Epic shot. post it in the photo comp....I'll vote for ya!
  3. ! _ !

    Where did it hit you?
  4. Yep who ever wins the next vote for the next one, please choose "when birds attack"
  5. So that's what a bird's ar$Ă«hole looks like :shock:

    Looking forward to the full story.
  6. Tell the truth now.
    Your mates are way ahead in the distance and even the magpie thought you were the postie.
  7. That's a pretty neat photo.
  8. crazy picture.
  9. Lol can't, smees theme is Christmas this month, it's actualy doing quite well :D
  10. Well that's clearly a Reindeer so i can't see what the problem is.
  11. ...and if i had to guess, I'd say that looks like Santa Clause up ahead
  12. ...and the OP got a present he's not gunna forget for a while.

    Should i go on?
  13. What kind of bird is that? It looks big, but that could be because of the camera.
  14. I took out a kookaburra once, was so glad it was the bike that took the impact and not me, 100km/h and it was still alive in my forks after impact and was hopping around after telling me off till someone took it off to w.i.r.e.s
  15. My 1st reaction to the post title but was, FAAAARRRKK not his new triumph, and what about the ride saturday, then realised you and the bike are ok, thats good news
  16. Great pic. I wrote this some time ago, but ...

  17. So, we rode through Bylong Valley yesterday, was on the tail end of the Bylong Valley Way going through some of the gorgeous forest there. I was accelerating out of a corner, chasing a mate on his KTM, and this bloody Magpie takes off from the scrub. I had about 4-5 seconds to react, so I aimed the bike to the left thinking I'd miss it.

    Bird decides to make a last second sharp left turn in the air, hits my left mirror (its a bit wobbly but ok) and then smacks into my chest.

    I had to stop and gather my wits afterwards. It felt like a full on punch to the chest.

    In retrospect, hauling on the anchors would have been the smarter move, will file that one away for a later date.

    Also wished I'd spent more than a cursory glance at the poor bloody bird. It might have only been stunned, but I figured it'd have been killed by the impact.
  18. Epic capture mate!

    But when I saw your thread title I was definitely thinking "Oh no not the new bike...".

    Fun Ha!
  19. that's a truly sensational photograph, I'd be entering it in some wider photography competitions as well (y)