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Unfortunate name and tragic circumstance.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, May 7, 2005.

  1. http://tv.yahoo.com/news/va/20050505/111535218500.html

    Mexican TV star Ponce dies in accident
    Thursday May 5 9:03 PM ET

    Mexican television actor Edgar Ponce died Thursday after a car plowed into a motorcycle he was riding during the unauthorized filming of an advertisement.

    Ponce, who has appeared on numerous telenovelas, died early Thursday morning in a Mexico City hospital; three other actors, also riding motorcycles at the time, sustained injuries. The accident occurred during the filming of an advertisement for "Solo Para Mujeres" (For Women Only), a live male striptease show. The ad was to air on Televisa variety show "No Manches."

    According to a statement released from the Mexico City police department, the shoot took place on a main artery in southern Mexico City. The police report said a speeding vehicle slammed into a caravan of moving motorcycles used for the plug. Producer Sergio Mayer "did not request police assistance" for the filming, the department said.

    A spokesman at Mexico City's attorney general's office said the driver had alcohol on his breath yet it still hasn't been determined if he had passed the legal limit. He added that the driver and the producer could be held responsible for the actor's death.

    Mayer acknowledged at a Thursday press conference that he did not have permission to film and said that Televisa had nothing to do with the production. Televisa declined comment.

    This is a pretty gut wrenching vid. http://www.santafemods.com/images/Other/050506motos300.wmv
  2. scary that they didnt appear to be wearign helmets too.... I shudder to think what that would be like to hace a car of that size plow through a group of riders.... I'll be watching my mirrors on the way home tonight!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :eek:
  3. That was really bad. I felt sick. I don't know who the guy was... but NOBODY should suffer that.
  4. I just can't believe what happened in this video, was this an accident or did the driver do it on purpose would be some of the questions I would ask.

    The driver should get life.
  5. yuh. driver should get hung by the balls until dead.
    The camera guy saw it coming a mile away (note he zoomed in)

    That guy at the front was lucky he didnt pull any more to the right. arf

    Why do people drink and drive.. bastards
  6. didn't even look like he tried to stop, just a complete ramraid into the bikes... shouldn't they have had like a dummy car behind them to make sure everything was safe. At least that way just a car would have got rear ended and probably survived. Wouldn't have had to be a police escort car just someone behind them

    Yeh thats the mexicans getting their shit ruined by a drunk. : (
  8. omfg what the hell?!?
  9. that is crap. i think the driver must have known they were filming for that tv show or something and did it as a statement. pretty screwed up statement if you ask me. and i don't think he could have done that sober. aaand i think he was WAAAAY over the legal limit... bloody drunks.