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Unfortunate Model Designations

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. A couple that came to mind for me immediately are TDM (tedium) and CBF (should be self-explanatory to most minds here...) The TDM in particular was a very capable bike, but quite unfortunate in its nomenclature.

    Other examples?

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  2. This one is an example of marketing brilliance (not), the Citroen C4 Cactus. For Australia. Really?

    Citroen C4 Cactus Review 2016

    What's your new car mate?
    Cactus mate....
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  3. I personally wouldn't have any C4 - anything with the same name as something designed to go BANG can't be good.
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  4. I think the old 'Pajero = wanker' is a myth, possibly caused by a British motoring journo's deadpan joke being taken as fact by an American (just a plausible guess).

    The Ford 'Kuga' that I see being driven around by a fair few women of a certain age and style is interesting...
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  5. Honda Deauville redubbed the Honda Dull-ville because it was a passionless bike to ride.
  6. Suzuki Gladius - sure it's named after a Roman sword, but lets be honest. it sounds more like a pretty flower Dame Edna might grow.
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  7. Well, there was the Suzuki B100P which inevitably became the Bloop, followed by the B120 which became the Superbloop. Still with Suzuki, I've not met an Intruder owner whose bike is not referred to by at least some of their mates as the Anal Intruder.

    If we're doing cars as well, I've long suspected that the Toyota Stout was named by a non-English speaker working from a Japanese-English thesaurus, because I can see what they were aiming for but it doesn't quite work :D.

    And the Pajero=Wnaker, I have on good authority from a Spanish speaking mate, is not entirely mythical, as, depending on accents and local dialects, it can be pretty close.
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  8. Or the "D'oh!-ville" when things went wrong...
  9. That plus the plastic-metal styling of the things, and it's two strikes and you're out, for what by rights should have been a pretty excellent mid-size naked.
  10. Au contraire:
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  11. Yep. Much disappoint.
  12. KLR......doesn't help much with convincing significant others that motorcycle riding is safe.
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  13. Not so much as unfortunate in a bad way, but when my son was looking for his first bike I really wanted a Kawasaki Kr1-s, but they aren't learner legal. Why did he really want one? Because he figured it was HIS bike. His name is Kris.
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  14. I think it's very commendable if a manufacturer is so honest about the quality of their cars. :p
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  15. The Suzuki Smash scooter :)
    We saw them in Vietnam.
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  16. Over 10 years and 31 models the Marusho motorcycle company never quite cracked the big time in the Anglophone markets with the 'Lilac' brand.
    Maybe if they'd rebranded as Mauve or Apricot?
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  17. For cars, in the UK Mitsubishi released the "Starion" in the 80's.
    A reporter asked one of the executives what it meant, and he said "Strong horse, powerful!", which makes sense given it was released a few years after the "Colt".
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  18. The Proton Jumbuck is known as the Arena in Malaysia because apparently "buck" could be misconstrued by impressionable minds as a different word. Ironically, it would be Australians who are more likely to make rhyming slang fun of the word Jum-Buck.
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  19. I've heard that one too, that it was a mis-heard "Stallion" from Japanese execs when giving the suggested name to English-speaking arms of the company.
  20. Not so much unfortunate, but whenever I see a Ford Territory this is what's in my head: