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Unforseen results from ram raid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Police and fire services were called to a Harley Davidson outlet in Blacktown NSW during the night to find the shop ablaze and the burning remains of a semi-trailer wedged in the shopfront. It appears enterprising thieves decided to use the heavyweight truck to ram raid the store, but fled when the truck burst into flames on impact, destroying the truck and the contents of the store, including many new HD's and several vintage and "valuable" ????? older models.
    Police are searching for the culprits who are, it appears, distinguished by innovation, lack of good taste and who are singed around the edges.
    Damage is estimated tentatively in the millions of dollars and we are all spared the noise, or a little less of it at least.

  2. Not happy, Jan. :!:
  3. I'm not sure who too be sorry for!
  4. Scum, hope they get caught by the owners of the bikes destroyed.
  5. hahaha the hd's are tanks i would have thought they would have survived the blaze and then be on sold as new hd's hahahaha
  6. So I'm guess the cops are trying to decide if they are dealing with a arsonist or a thief? If it was theft, I think they can assume there were at least 8 blokes involved - thats the number required to like one harely onto the truck.
  7. Apparently there was a museum on the first floor. New HDs going up in flames is sad, but is no great loss.

    The bikes upstairs dated back to 1913 (according to the TV news).
  8. Regardless of your feeling on harleys the loss of the Vintage bikes is a GREAT loss..... just like if a room with old ducati racers was raized to the ground......

    I hope they catch em and string em up by their nuts..... Taste aside that is destroying property and livlyhood....
  9. that sucks :(
  10. There's an article in Daily Telegraph today about it. It's stating they think it's the start of a gang war between the Nomads and the Rebels.
  11. Milperra Inn here we come again? As long a no innocent bystanders get caught up in the cross fire, the more of these drug-making thugs that be wiped out, the better for all of us.
  12. Typical media trying to sensationalise something once again.....do they have 100% proof that is what it is.......

    Hornet............drug-making thugs..............what makes you think they are drug making thugs..........

    it could be just a disgruntled customer
  13. Sorry, Susan, but either you have been living a very sheltered life for a long while or you are being deliberately ignorant.

    It is well documented that the outlaw motorcycle gangs are linked to organised crime and are heavily involved in the manufacture and distribution of illicit drugs (especially "speed" which is made from large quantities of pseudoephedrine that is stolen "to order" by bikie gang members and turned into expensive drugs)

    I refer you to the following link as one of many in which these facts are canvassed.


    And a quote from that source:

    "Amphetamines are manufactured in clandestine laboratories, commonly called 'clan labs', from common chemicals like pseudoephedrine available in over the counter medicines such as Sudafed. These chemicals are known as precursors. The Illicit Drug Report says that:

    "A coordinated group of criminals can purchase or steal large quantities of pseudoephedrine, the base medication, and manufacture amphetamines in a very short time, often less than 24 hours.

    Outlaw bikie gangs and other organised criminal groups are involved in the manufacture and distribution of amphetamines in the Northern Territory. These groups are targeted by the police Drug and Intelligence Division. However, they are difficult to investigate, surveillance conscious, and are prepared to resort to violence and intimidation to prevent witnesses and informants speaking to police." (end quote)

    When, ocassionally, these highly secretive gangs come to the notice of the media it is usually in the context of a "turf war" that has spilled out into the public view. These battles have nothing to do with motorcycles and nothing to do with membership or "territory" per se, except that they are about control over territories in which the gangs market and distribute their products.

    This is why the Milperra massacre, to which reference has already been made, was completely misrepresented by the media.

    When these wars are brought out into the open and the general public gets caught in the crossfire it has nothing to do with motorcycling and everything to do with the violent and illegal activities of the outlaw motorcycle gangs and their multi-million dollar drug distribution industry.

    I'm sorry if you finds these facts unpalatable, but facts they remain.

    If you want a recent example of the power and potentially violent nature of these low-lifes, read up on the threats and intimidation that was applied to the Ulysses Club Executive at this year's AGM by the local Canberra scum.

    They are NOT our brothers, they are our enemy. The fact that they choose to use motorcycles as their preferred method of transportation is the only thing that they have in common with the vast bulk of TRUE motorcyclists with which they share the road (sometimes)
  14. I have not lived a sheltered life and I have a lot of friends in outlaw clubs, and yes some of them do things that they shouldnt, what about all the AUSTRALIAN EVERYDAY PEOPLE that do this sort of thing as well. The MEDIA and GENERAL PUBLIC like to highlight the fact that this is what outlaw clubs are all about, and IT ISNT. Why doesnt the media highlight the fact that a majority of these clubs raise money for several charities, because it shows them doing something good for the community and therefore they would have to acknowledge the good they do.

    "This is why the Milperra massacre, to which reference has already been made, was completely misrepresented by the media."

    The Milperra situation was not over drugs or turf wars it was over the return of colours.

    "If you want a recent example of the power and potentially violent nature of these low-lifes, read up on the threats and intimidation that was applied to the Ulysses Club Executive at this year's AGM by the local Canberra scum."

    If SOME of the usissies decided to they wanted to be WANNABES and put rockers on there backs then they brought it upon themselves, they knew the rules about it yet they still went ahead and did it, and once again the MEDIA blew it totally out of the water, what happened down there and what was reported and the way that people there describe the story are all totally different.
    If you want to wear rockers go and join a PATCH club, if you want to wear rockers with your old man logo then you have to face the consequences.

    They are NOT our brothers, they are our enemy.

    THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY, and to you they are not a "brother" as you are not part of there club. To me they are not a "brother" as I am not part of there club, to me they are my MATES, and these guys are the first to help out if needed, and I know form first hand experience. I would TRUST them more than the filth
  15. Susan, the fact that you admit that you have lots of friends within the outlaw clubs disqualifies you from making an unbiased judgement.
    The facts are that the outlaw clubs ARE linked to organised crime, ARE involved in LARGE SCALE drug manufacture and distribution and ARE the 1% of motorcycle riders that give LEGITIMATE motorcyclists a bad name in the media and in the general public's eyes.
    They ARE the enemy beacuse they besmirch the reputation of law-abiding motorcyclists whose aim in life it to enjoy motorcycling, not to manufacturer and distribute and PROFIT from the misery and death that the outlaw bikers' drugs cause.
    That's not my opinion, that's FACT, whether you or your deluded friends want to admit it or not.
    And, since you chose to use the word "filth", I will too. A better description of the outlaw biker it would be hard to find.
  16. I had logged on, having read this thread earlier, to make some valid comments.

    It appears that RC36 has beaten me to it, and I'm going to have to agree with all that he says. We're all going to have differences of opinion - it would be sad and boring if we didn't - but my vote goes with the young Wollongong lad.
  17. Er..."rules about it"? There's a law that tells you what you can and can't wear? And if you don't conform you have to face "consequences"?

    Gee, and I thought this was a free country. :roll:

    Oh - I'm not a member of Ulysses, I've no interest in wearing rockers or patches, and I've no axe to grind when it comes to members of outlaw clubs. But I'm not too keen on people who think they have a right to tell others what they can and can't do, or enforce their world-view on others.
    The Canberra Ulysses who-can-wear-what debacle just seems stupid (and certainly it was a PR disaster for the outlaw club involved).
  18. rc36Honda , I think you may be the one that has led a sheltered life.

    Alot of what you take for granted while riding and parking your bike these days was
    bought about by the involvemnet of these so called 1% .

    So they have a different lifestyle to yours, so what. There's just as many drugs violence etc around the place thats bought about by so called normal looking people. The rockers item at canberra was known about many many years ago and agreed on then.