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Unexpected morning call

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CrazyCam, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. There I was, minding my own business, in singlet and shorts, reading NetRider, when there was a very official sounding knock at the front door.

    I opens the door to find two large and serious looking policemen! :eek:

    One of the police then says to me:"You've had a motorbike accident?"

    "Who, me?" sez I.

    It turns out that someone on a motorbike had run into the back of a car, picked themselves up and buggered off.

    Trouble was, and how I got involved, the rider's bike had a number plate CU202.

    Now this was the rego plate that I had on my Z50 Honda for many years, before switching to hysterical plate, but, for whatever reason, it was still listed on the RMS computer system under my name.

    The cops seemed quite happy with my story and left, apologising for disturbing me, and now, half an hour later, my heart rate seems like it's got back to normal. ;)

    It's funny what a conscience, guilty or not, can do to you.:)
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  2. The police don't keep their databases up to date and some of the cross-linking gets out of hand.
  3. I think that part of the confusion is due to the Historic Plate register not being as fully on-line as the regular registrations.

    That's why, in NSW, at least, historics still have to have the wee rego sticker on display.
  4. Nice story, now tell us the truth
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  5. CrazyCamCrazyCam I saw the title of your thread and I must admit this was not the content I was expecting :peeking: !.
  6. Wait till they leave a card requesting you to contact them, Then when you ring they wont be back till next week,,
    Nope, I havent done any thing wrong,
    But your heart is in your mouth till you actually contact them, Then find its some minor detail that doesnt concern or involve you any way,
    Bloody Scary,
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  7. I now have an image of CrazyCamCrazyCam in his singlet and shorts belting out a Cold Chisel song for some reason ;)
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  8. Don't panic, 69SIM, the image will pass!

    BTW, the singlet in question is one of the really old Ulysses Club ones, navy blue with the Old Fart logo.

    It's a bit of a collector's item in that U.C. haven't had them for sale for years now.... I got the impression that it wasn't considered Politically Correct enough for them to keep on selling them.

    As for me singing anything, it's like playing bagpipes indoors..... contravenes the Geneva Convention.
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