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Unexpected consequence of Hi-Vis

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CrazyCam, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Well, today, I got to ride with my new Hi-Vis yellow jacket.


    I found that, heading vaguely into the sun on the F3, the reflection of the sun on the bright yellow jacket completely wiped out my view of the dash board of my Street Triple. :(

    Couldn't read any of it, revs, speed, gear, time.
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  2. Sounds dangerous, get rid of it .
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  3. Kill it with fire
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  4. Since WW2, aircrew lifejackets (Mae Wests) were yellow for visibility when in the water.

    We had the first 'modern' units for trial back in 1971, flame orange stole but wrapped in a drab olive green jacket. The first thing we noticed when flying with it was that we could actually see the instruments properly!

    Anyway, who looks at the panel when you're riding? ;)
  5. The Great Fluoro One had the exact same problem! That is why he crash landed in a town called Roswell after a SMIDSY event with a small asteroid.
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  6. Looks similarly eyeball searing to my winter jacket, a Tourmaster Epic. However, as the DR's instrumentation consists of a $2 bicycle speedo and three rather useless warning lights it doesn't matter very much :D.
  7. I'm peripherally reminded that, a while ago, I read the memoirs of an old boy who spent his youth flying Seafires and Sea Furies off carriers. He noted that the Seafire carried a self-inflating liferaft which doubled as an uncomfortable seat cushion. He also noted that the pilot's survival kit included a big knife, the principal purpose of which was to stab the liferaft when it went off inadvertently :LOL:.
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  8. Actually, I had forgotten that, when I first got my Striple, it came with a chrome handlebar setup which often reflected on the instrument cluster making it hard to read the speed I was doing.

    I fixed that with black alloy Renthals.

    I wonder if :"But officer, I couldn't see the speedo because of the "safety" jacket." would work?

    Probably as good as:"But I have to go quickly before I forget where I am going."
  9. Don't worry Cam, once it gets grubby it'll stop being a nuisance :)
  10. Nothing changed, our one-man liferaft was strapped to our back and we had a survival knife, too!

    Best thing for my backache was when I stopped that game and changed to civvie flying;)
  11. Dear god, why on earth would you wear such a thing.

    You lost a bet didn't you.
  12. everyone in victoria who doesn't what to get pinged for 2k over.
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  13. The short answer is that I like YELLOW.

    The longer version is that when I hear of something which might make me more noticeable to other road users, I am interested enough to try the idea out before heaping rubbish on it.

    If/when the powers that be in Oz, try to bring in mandatory "safety" gear for motorcyclists, I'll be right there at the barricades fighting against it.

    But, rather than reading a report or two, I am interested in my own safety to such an extent that I'll try (within reason) stuff.

    BTW, I am not trying to sell the idea of Hi-Vis gear to anyone else, 'cos if it works for me, by making me stand out, it will probably stop working for me if every other bikie and their furry four-footed friend is wearing Hi-Vis stuff. ;)

    I know that, mate. :)

    But I thought it was worth mentioning that I have found at least one, so far, down side of Hi-Vis clobber, just in case we end up having to fight over it with some dopey state or feral government.

    If I find any other down side, I will mention it.... don't you worry about that! ;)
  14. My wife's SV is a similar colour and at certain times of the year you'd just blend in with the canola.
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  15. Absolutely!

    So, you should buy her another bike, perhaps in fire engine red, for her to ride in the canola season. ;)
  16. hahahaha.
  17. That's what cruise control is for: isn't it?
  18. How many bikes have cruise control,
  19. Don't know about high vis, but it should come with a free tinted visor to tone it down a hue or several
  20. All of mine?