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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Finished my last day of work yesterday...

    I'm Free! :D

    Folks at work all chipped in to get me a pair of Joe Rocket GPX gloves as a farewell gift - very nice of them...

    Woke up in my own time., then went for a ride to the post office, via Mt Tambourine, then dropped into Lawrence drive to perv on bike accessories... very relaxing.

    Moving truck comes on Monday to take all our stuff back to Melbourne, bike goes into storage on Sunday night, wife & I fly to Darwin on Tuesday to meet travel friends. Take 3 weeks to drive 4WD back to Gold Coast, pick up bike (hope it starts), scoot back to Melbourne in 3 days, visit chiropractor, spend last remaining cash at GP, then think about perhaps working again :cry:

    Fun, fun, fun!
  2. Sounds like a plan Dan ;)

    Good luck and have fun!
  3. bastard..

    but speaking of finishing work soon.. im gonna have to quit! thailand in 4 weeks! :D!
  4. I'm on holydays... I still have to spend a day that I'm not working towards more $$$
  5. I have 2 weeks holidays in 2 weeks, whoohoo.

    Sounds great, dan, hope you have a good rest.

    Pity that 4WD doesn't have internet access though!!!
  6. hey Dan, what's the chicken strips status on the 4wd??? :LOL:
    Sounds like your work was appreciated, and now their internet bill will be lower, so they can afford those nifty gloves!!!
    Hope to see you at the grand prix
    Oh, and it's not UNEMPLOYED, please, it's BETWEEN JOBS!
  7. Strangely,

    I was reading this thread when I got the call to go into my managers office.

    I just got made redundant - finishing in two weeks.

    Hmmm, free time (i'll avoid thinking about 'what next' for a while)
  8. jeez, mate, that's ROTTEN....... :cry:
    and jobs can be hard to get when you're 87!
    never mind, at least you won't have to ask for time off for the GP! :LOL:
  9. What do you mean 4x4 without internet access?????
    Ours has it!

  10. It's not just netrider that blew out the internet bill... being in IT, I had free reign over 2x2mb ADSL pipes :D Some moron signed them both up as 20GB corporate plans - went over by 10gb one month, $2000 extra :shock: 8) :LOL: let's just say the DVD burner got a work out :)

    I don't like 'Between Jobs' - it reminds me that I actually have to work again. :cry:
  11. I'm actually looking forward to switching off for a while, but that internet toorak tractor sounds like the go! :LOL:
  12. Toorak Tractor??? You are kidding right?




    34" Simex JT2's
    Rear J-Mac Airlocker (front a couple of weeks away)
    Triple fuel tanks.

    Aint no toorak tractor :D

    Oh yeah, and a laptop with telstra "minimax" CDMA broadband (which my b/f is "trialling" for work)

    Now back to motorcycles...

  13. ooooh I stand very corrected :LOL:

    I pictured some silver european thing with built in flip down screens so the driver can watch something else other than the boring road. :)
  14. :LOL:

    So when you coming off roading with us?? :wink:

  15. g'day dan.
    If you're interested in a support type role in Melbourne PM me as my position will become available in around 3 to 4 weeks as i'm doing a career change.
    I was practicing today and the rain came down and I had one of these travelling sideways on the dirt.
    http://www.coates.com.au/equipment/pics/Single drum roller.jpg

    (Fire Eagle's b/f)
  16. Hey matt, no longer at thingo build the big race track? Where u off to?
  17. Were you going "flat" out???
  18. *groans* now there are bad puns and there are bad puns :p :p :p

    as for you cowboy, still working on the same "racetrack", just changing jobs. doubling my pay and going from great to f$%*ing fantastic so it looks like the triumph is going to be kept.

  19. Hey Deyago, time for the Atomic Powered Whacking Stick...........
  20. Well, I'm about to put the computer in a box, and off on holidays! Gold Cost to Melbourne via Darwin.. this should be fun. I'll start post whoring again in 3 weeks, I promise. Cheers, see you at the GP.