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Undisclosed repairable write-off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. When I bought my current bike (private sale), I did not do a REVS check, I only did a finance / rego check.

    I am trying to sell my bike atm, and had a buyer visit me last night with the view to ride away.

    Before he took the papers, he asked if he could do a REVS check, and I was completely fine with it, as far as I was aware, there were absolutely no skeletons in the closet.

    He rang the PPSR website (www.ppsr.gov.au), and the rep told him that the VIN / rego he gave was for a repairable write-off in QLD, from 2008. The rep also told him that he could not find a record of the rego in the PPSR database.

    Needless to say, my reaction was WTF????????

    I've done a Vehicle HIsotry Check with the RTA, and returned the follwoing result (exerpt)

    This vehicle is currently recorded as a repairable written-off vehicle due to impact damage. A repairable written-off
    vehicle can be re-registered if it meets certain repair and inspection requirements. However, this vehicle has not yet
    passed an inspection which would allow it to be re-registered.
    If the vehicle was written-off interstate, the Roads and
    Maritime Services would strongly advise that you refer to our website for repair and inspection requirements for this

    So if has not passed an inspection, how the **** does it carry current NSW rego till next year??

    Also, what are my chances of getting my money back and getting rid of the bike back to the previous seller?

  2. Bugger.
    Maybe cause it was a repairable write off in Qld it doesn't affect rego in another state?
    Bugger bugger.

    Feel your frustration mate.
  3. All sellers legally have to disclose when the bike is on WOVR. You may have a leg to stand on but it'll take time and money to chase.
  4. is it something to do with them linking the revs stuff into a national database? It must have undergone a roadworthy to get NSW rego... possibly it underwent a repair check as well but it came of the qld system as not having been done cause it was done in NSW...... now it's linked the damaged status that wasn't closed out in qld has carried over???
  5. WOVR crosses borders, this why vehicles written off in NSW can't registered interstate.
  6. yeah im just wondering if it crossed borders back in 2008... or ifthe bike could have been re-registered correctly but the bad record from QLD got brought in afterwards?
  7. Source?
  8. Common knowledge and Vicroads;

    Note: The seller is required to inform the buyer in writing whether the vehicle is entered on any Written-off Vehicle Register either in Victoria or interstate. This can be done by ticking 'Yes' or 'No' in the appropriate section of the Transfer form.
  9. quoted from PPSR document

    Written off: Collision, QLD, 16 Oct 2008, Economic Repairable Write-off

    what the **** is an Economic Repairable Write-off?

    I rang the NSW RTA, and they said they do not have the records on file regarding the transfer of rego from QLD, or the insurance company details that classed it as a "write-off"....as the records are too old...

    they said if i want the blue slip information about being rego'd in NSW, that I have to present a completed request for information form in person at a registry...and to download the form from the website...

    ****ing going in circles
  10. Are all other vehicle details correct? Model, colour etc?

    I've had personal experience a number of times where VIN codes have been incorrectly logged in both state and national databases.
    People input the information manually and as we all know, most people are f%ckwits.
  11. bet they'd find it quick smart if it suited them..... tell them they'll get stamp duty if they can find it.(i dont think that will work, our public service rats are used to bigger chunks of cheese these days)
  12. Exactly that. The repair costs exceed a certain monetary threshold determined by the insurance company.

    A statutory write off in Victoria is a vehicle that has sustained enough structural damage to be deemed unsafe.
  13. so what it means is, the repair wouldve cost more than the value of the bike?

    not necessarily that it was damaged beyond repair?
  14. After the march hailstorms of 2010 many cars were written off back then as economic write offs as it would have cost the insurance industry too much to repair them. Of course the insurance companies at the time changed to formula to a much lower percentage in order to make a write off easier.
    so structurally cars were fine just that they suffered some panel damage.
  15. Yes to a degree, most and I only say most insurers will repair to approximately 70% of market or insured value not the total value of the vehicle.
    Basically, anything you see that has been written off is due to the financial viability of the repair costs. If it's listed as a STAT, it's deemed that even after repairs, the structural integrity may not been the same so can never be re-registered in any state.

    No, this is not the case. Insurers in many instances upped the write off value over the normal 70%, in some instances close to 100% as it still worked out more economical to repair vehicles close to the total value rather than pay out the full figure.

    In fact, the write off laws were changed after the hail storm. The changes were made by Vicroads in regards to re-registering economic write off's due to hail easier without the need for a VIV in many cases.

  16. but my bike was re-registered in NSW

    and it was listed as a "repairable write-off"

    so that would mean,

    it costs too much for us to repair it, but if someone else wants to, they can, and it can still be registered for road use....?

    so how can the system say the rego doesnt exist, but its very obviously registered in NSW?

    Also, the dude i bought it off can claim ignorance and its my fault for not REVS checking it...but if he IS the one that brought it to NSW and rego'd it, i can only find out through a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act, and even then, the gov dept still needs to ask his permission to release that info....such bullshit.
  17. Correct, it was more than likely registered before the reforms came into play, so perfectly legal.

    Yes, but not in NSW. The NSW industry needed a good 'clean up', too many underhanded operators cutting corners. In the industry, Victoria is well known for it's very stringent VIV inspections.

    This I don't know. You need to take it up with the road authority.

    Yes he can, but I think you stand a chance.


  18. Write off value for our policy was dropped to 65% of the value of the car. this was with AAMI.
    For one car this was not acceptable and we insisted, almost to the point of blows for it to be repaired as the amount they were offering even for it to be in top nick was not worth it for us as it had considerably low mileage for a car of it's year and it was in immaculate condition. It was repaired but the other car was written off as an economical write off, we then subsequently bought it back and it is now insured third party fire and theft only. Being over 15 years old it wasn't required to be recertified.
    After the outcry then what you have stated is correct.
    There was so many angry people back then as it was seen as profiteering by the insurance companies. Lower the write off percentage, offer the market rate without taking into account the condition of the cars which in that time was lower than resale. Cars were obtained, fixed then flogged off at auctions. Having a few relos in the industry helped.
  19. This should be a lesson to you. AAMI or Suncorp are despised in the repair industry.
    Some of their practices are illegal such as 'third line enforcing', by forcing you to have repairs conducted at company owned facilities.

    Unfortunately too many people shop for insurance by price, not understanding what they are in fact purchasing. Insurance is insurance isn't it? Not until such time you make a claim, when you discover what you have purchased. How many people read PDS'?


    Sorry, pretty passionate about this sort of stuff.

    Back on topic.
  20. Well they came to the party and did everything we requested so it was win for us, in particular the second car as we profited handsomely from that one. It is slowly being fixed up and restored and will be reinsured comprehensively.