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Undertail exhaust bikes/models?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by shady_knife, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. i really like the undertail exhausts on motorbikes, or exhausts that are 'hidden' ie (under the bike) so what are some older bikes with undertail exhausts?

    only one i know of is the ducati 748/749 bikes

    so what are some other bikes with undertail exhausts?
  2. Ducati 848/1098
    09 CBR600RR
    08/09 YZF-R1

    just to get you going
  3. Most have abandoned the undertail exhausts (from the models above) for the stubby GP slash pipes.
    I have ridden an R1 with the undertail exhausts removed and the improved balance is great.
    Unless you go for very light carbon fibre pipes, I be going for side pipe bikes.
  4. yeah those stubby GP slash pipes look pretty cool.

  5. Honda VFR800 may be worth a look
  6. triumph daytona 675
    triumph street triple
  7. 05-09 zx6r 10r as well?
  8. Yamaha fz6
    MV Augusta F4
  9. Current Ducati Monsters, too.
  10. All the UGLY ones!
  11. Personally, I like 'em myself (though I dunno about bolting them on bikes not originally equipped with 'em -- most of those kinda look... forced on.... :?) The stubby pipes.... Hmm... I'm getting used to them, but still not sleek like those underseat pipes.

    Anyway, Ducati 916 is probably the one that really started the trend on a mass-scale, but the Honda NR750 is probably the first "modern" road bike equipped with underseat exhausts.

    Bikes older than late 80s, early 90s, others are gonna have to fill in.

    Other than those, other ones that people haven't mentioned yet:

    Last generation CBR1000RR
    Honda 919
    Few Bimotas (SB6R, SB8K...)
  12. sexy bike you got there termis. very jealous.

    basically given up on getting an under seat exhaust for my next bike, to poor at the moment.

    am a poor full time tafe student :p
  13. G'day everyone,...

    Under tail pipes?

    CBR1000rr's have em,..
    And thay look good!

    But each to their own eh?

    Dr Who?
  14. The number of people that I speak to though.........all seem to say that most undertail can produce sufficient heat thru the seat to be uncomfortable :? especially for a pillion.
    I appreciate some probs may have been rectified in later models but I'd be wary of older models if this is an isssue.
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  15. Would Honda Hornet 900's count?


    If so, would that make undertail pipes passe?

    PS: I’ve owned a Ducati 748 with carbon end cans, where heat was never a problem.
    Aftermarket systems, like the Termi’s on Ducatis have carbon fibre exhaust bodies which don’t transmit the heat (as much) & the pipes themselves are quite thin which also doesn’t retain/transmit heat as much.
    (Although I must admit I didn’t do lots of city riding on the Ducati 748).
  16. Yeah, one can actually touch the carbon cans while it's running, so there's no obvious heat problems there. In traffic, a bit of heat from the pipes will get to your thighs, but then again, if you're riding these in traffic, it's not only your thighs, but your wrists, back & neck are going to be killing you in about 1/2 hr anyway! :)
  17. Any lams approved undertail exhaust bikes?
  18. Honda Fireblades 2004-2007. You know, the best looking ones :whistle:
    During Melbourne's winter i wish there was some heat from the pipes coming up but no.
  19. Try my bike, it'll roast your chestnuts pretty good while commuting....


    P.s . Zombie thread resurrection of note!!
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