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Understanding tyre wear...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Deadsy, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. I ride a GPX250 with stock Dunlop K630 tyres and after only 7800kms I need new tyres. Is this normal? Everything I have read about the K630s is that they aren't very good at anything but lasting a long time.
    My rear tyre is squared off, which I understand, but the front is good in the centre but down to the wear indicators to the left and right of it.



    The rear I totally understand, I don't understand the wear pattern on the front tyre though. I think our roads are cambered to the left so water runs off, but my tyres are worn down on both sides.
    I don't understand how the front can be worn so much towards the sides compared to the centre when my rear is squared off.

  2. I've spent some time looking through http://forums.ninja250.org/ and it seems this is all pretty normal wear for this bike and these tyres. Atleast the rear anyway, still not 100% sure on the front.

  3. It's normal. The rear tyre wears flat because through it all the engine's power is applied to the road - we spend most time accelerating while vertical.

    The road's camber will only show up (and I don't think you will ever see this on a solo anyway) as a very slight flattening to one side more than the other - you really don't lean over all that much when going in a straight line.

    On older, classic tyres as used prior to the mid 70s the casing was more squared off anyway (compared to the more triangular cross section used these days) and you could sometimes see the effect of camber, especially on front tyres.

    I think you will find that most better front tyres these days use dual compound rubber - the centre is relatively firm to assist braking wear, while the sides are much softer to give cornering traction. The wear pattern you see is just what we want - you have a front tyre which is giving you good grip as you lean.


    Trevor G
  4. i dont reckon those tyres are 2CT. mate my tyres wear exactly the same. i always need to replace a front tyre because there is no side tread left. its pretty simple really, the most force is exerted on a front tyre when cornering, hence why the side tread wears noticably more than the center. the only time when considerable force is exerted on the front centre is when you start to brake with a bit of urgancy. when accelerating most of the weight bias is shifted to the rear.
    the life of the tyre you describe is unusual, a rock hard tyre like that should last at least twice as long. my pirreli sports demons last for about 15000kms on the rear and 25000kms on the front. and they are much stickier than those pos.

    wait till you get a bigger bike mate, tyres life halves and cost doubles.