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Understanding Road Rage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DAMon17, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Now I like to think that I can keep control of myself, even when I am angry, but last night really tested my limits.

    I was heading out of the city (Melbourne) on the Princes Hwy. As is usual there were plenty of spots where there was no traffic and I could comfortably do 80 but then would eventually hit an intersection where the traffic was banked right back.

    At one point I was cruising towards a green light at 80 when it turned orange. I was only about 20m from the intersection so I kept going. Looking ahead I see that there is stopped traffic maybe 50 meters passed the intersection. Looking in my mirror I note Mr Dipsh!t in his 4x4 gunning it to get through the orange.

    While keeping an eye on him, I start to slow (there was a car to my left and I was in the right lane) he gets closer, I hold the rear brake to keep my brake light on but continue with the throttle because he was only about 15m behind me, still doing 80. I start to brake harder, he gets closer. I couldn't see his face so I didn't know whether he was aware of the traffic stopping. Finally I had to stop. I couldn't split very well through the stopped traffic due to a car taking up two lanes. I just moved to the position between the two lanes and braked hard pulling up just passed the car that was stopped in front of me.

    Mr Dipsh!t also finally grew a brain and slammed on the anchors, ending up next to me and about 1 meter away from the car in front. I looked at the gap, looked at my bike and turned towards him. He gave an apologetic wave and laughs.... LAUGHS. Now it's a good thing to apologise but not while laughing about something that could have killed me if not for my avoiding the incident.

    Now I choose to ride a bike understanding that there are d!ckheads out there. But seriously, I wanted to drag him out of his car, throw him into oncoming traffic while gleefully shouting "No more driving for YOU!!"

    End rant...
  2. That is the one thing i can't stand. People "laughing" at situations like this... Its like an apologetic laugh or something. No matter what it is it shits me to tears!

    Good to hear your ok though!

    My experience with people "laughing" in bad situations

    I was driving with my friend, and she was in her sisters VT S (i was in passenger seat). Long story short, she wanted to do a u turn on a thin country road with big ditches either side, but the stupid biatch, instead of doing a 3 point turn, just turns around, goes through the ditch, wheels spinning, smashes the front bar on the ground, mud sprays everywhere, car is struggling cause its boggy. She gives this weird ass fkn laugh. And just stare at her, and tell her that she just put mud and dirt all on her sisters undercarriage and quite possibly bent or dented her front bar. She just continued laughing..... fkn weirdo (when we got out, we discovered a massive dent in the front bar. Her sister is one of those "a car is just transport" chicks, so didn't even notice.... I don't think she told her either...

    /end rant
  3. Gold!
  4. SMART riding...kudos to you, for being "aware" enough to see the situation developing ahead of time, and being pro-active to keep yourself safe. Well done.
    As for mongrel in the 4wd...keep an eye out for him...chances are that's his regular route and you'll see him again.
    I have a few cars on my commute that I've tagged as roving health hazards.
  5. A lot of people laugh at what seems to be inappropriate times.
    It's an emotional response to a sitauation - ever seen people go from laughing to crying or vice versa?

    The dude was pobably mixing a bit of shame with a decent amount of fear that he could have easily killed you by his own knobheadedness, plus a whole STACK of relief that he didn't.

    I'm asssuming this was sort of a nervous laugh, rather than a mean grin point & HAHAHAHAHAH laugh, of course...

  6. The only reason that some people are alive, is because it is illegal to kill them.
  7. better than ignoring you. i had a young p plater female merge into my lane last night, i was right next to her driver side window, which was down when she started to come across... so i honked my horn, which she ignored. so i grabbed a handful of front brake and missed the back of her car by millemetres.. pulled up behind her 50 meters later at a red light (decided not to filter up next to her, i wasnt confident what she would do next) but when she looked at me in her rearview mirror i informed her about the stupidity of her actions with both my pointing at my eyes and pointing at her. she saw it. then looked straight ahead whilst i continued to politely inform her of her error. she turned right 50 meters past that.. but she didnt wave apology or even acknowledge i was there. im sure driving instructors are teaching people that once they indicate they have right of way or something.

    glad you got away okay man. good work.
  8. I had this exact thing happen to me a couple of days ago but I didn't stick around long enough to see their reaction. This is just part of riding mate so if you don't think your up to being observant enough to notice these things, then don't go out.

    Still can't work out what this incident has done for "understanding road rage" but i'll play along, pat you on the back and say well done.
  9. Apparently studies of Road Rage have consistently come to one conclusion.

    The person who experiences the road rage, is usually responsible for the problem that caused it - but blames everybody/anybody else.

    I guess there is a difference between Road Rage, and Anger.

  10. Glass hammer should be attached to your bike, somewhere convenient for easy glass tapping action
    emergency-hammer-sm. :wink:
  11. I am not one to talk as I get a little hot headed on the bike when anything happens - maybe it's because anything that does happen to any of us on a bike can potentially cause our death - so me, I take it kinda personally if someone in a cage blantantly ignores road laws and makes my job in the cockpit of my bike difficult.

    If its an obvious stuff up by a fellow motorist I am fine - and most good folks out there are more than apologetic when they know they have stuffed up. But its the royal wankers out there that don't give a shit that make me agro. And they usually have no regard for motorbikes OR anyone else on the road

    So I carry some good old lead fishing sinnkers in my jacket for those wankers :) Makes a nice present for them :)

    And to date its 2 windscreens and 6 dented doors/panels. Not because I wanted to cause damage but if I had not done what I did I would most likely be dead - and funny I like living at present :)

    Always be aware people :)

    Cheers - Kroeb
  12. Good work spotting it and reacting before anything bad could happen!

    I had a guy pull out infront of me without even looking the other day.. I had already braked hard and crossed to the other lane by the time he spotted me and stopped in the middle of the road. I just looked at him and raised my hand like 'wtf!'.

    It annoys the hell out of me how people can be so ignorant sometimes. He would have seen me if he had bothered to look left before pulling out..
  13. I had a woman pull out on me the other day. It was a divided road and she pulled out from a sidestreet, pulled halfway into the far left lane (my lane) I swerved to avoid her and then she did her first look up from the steering wheel - to the LEFT..... what the fcuk?
  14. Congrats on handling the situation so well... hope some newbies read this.
  15. Friday evening a few weeks ago I'm cruising home in the traffic. The P plater to my left was traveling way to close to the car in front of her. The lights went orange, and with no room to stop she just swung to the right directly in front of me! I locked everything up, managed to keep the bike upright and gave a little beep of the horn, nothing outrageous, just a "hi, you may not have seen me" toot. The bi+ch slammed on the brakes and I locked everything up again. Thinking later about the angle I was at under fully locked brakes I believe my rear wheel was off the deck.

    When I tried to get beside her to have a few words she swung the car towards me. Third lock up in three minutes.

    I took the number and reported it to the police but they weren't interested, gave me the sympathetic ear and said there was no accident therefore nothing could be done. They did say they may talk to her but I think the sinkers are sounding like a good idea.

    I wonder what would have happened if a girl went into the station and said a bikie had been screaming at her for the last 5 minutes and tried to run her off the road?
  16. Funny, I pulled out on a woman the other day.

    Was rather messy......
  17. This is a joke right? :) or is it :shock:
  18. I really hope not, some people do deserve it.
  19. I've stolen this quote for my sig :grin:
  20. ^^^ So true