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Underrated, lesser known tourers/sp tourers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gsxxer, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. So Im shopping around for a comfortable sporty (ie power, not knee scraping handling) bike. Ive come across a few lesser known ones which look alright, namely:

    Yamaha XJ900 diversion

    Suzuki RF900

    Both look like well priced ones, I dont mind if the bike is 10 years old. So Im wondering what other well priced gems are out there, what about hondas or kawasakis? The rf900 seems to have a fair bit of power at a great price, are there any other comparable models?

  2. If you want power try a ZZR1200! I`ve had one for a couple of years and still love it. Only slightly biased of course.
  3. That's a loooong stretch to call a XJ900 Divvy 'sporty'. Not saying they're bad, but they definitely lean well towards the tourer end of the spectrum.

    RF needs to have been well maintained, but they will certainly hustle.

    ZX9R is the obvious alternative. Trumpy Sprint RS could figure.
  4. Yeh, thats a kickass bike, but we'll see how the budget stretches

    This maybe a dumb question, can you fit solid panniers on a zx9? When I look at some of these sports tourers I wonder if you even can.
  5. The RF900 reportedly goes pretty hard. I'd say the Diversion less so (it's a shafty as I recall).

    Because you say lesser known I won't otherwise mention some of the popular ones, though models like the Blackbird that sold well for many years and were often discounted in later years mean plenty for sale at great prices.
  6. ZZR600's are going for stupid money these days, if you can put up with the dated colour scheme on most! Maybe not enough power?

    XJR's, ZRX1100/1200's, uh... CB1300... Not exactly underrated I guess. A Moto Guzzi?

    Older GSX750... Depends on where you draw the line betweeen sport & tourer I guess, there are some old Busa's goin pretty cheap too!

    What kind of budget are you looking at?
  7. The ZX9R is less uncomfortable than the newer superbikes, but when I sat on it, it didn't seem like it would be comfortable for multi-hour trips.
    I haven't seen any with solid panniers.
  8. The RF900R is surprisingly fast and while it's a very comfy bike its definitely more sports than tourer.
  9. Probably about 7k, trying to be sensible and realistic.

    But you know what its like, youll walk away with a bike twice your budget and youll wake up the next morning with buyer regret syndrome :LOL:
  10. Or you stick to your budget and wake up the next morning thinking "If only I'd stretched another thou I could have had..." Especially when you see one advertised just above what you spent!

    Sorry, Satan made me type it...
  11. There's a CBR1100XX starting at 6K on "you know where"...
  12. Yeh, you can pick up an 8-10year old blackbird pretty cheap, and in my mind a tourer thats only done 50-70k kms still should last longer than me. Should easily last past 150k kms?

    Hmm, very tempting, is there anything wrong with my reasoning here?

    Can anyone chime in with maintenance costs on an older bike?
  13. Well 7-8 grand will get you a pretty good 01/02 zx9,i can do 7-8 hours on mine with no comfort problems and it will certainly do the twistie stuff.Done 137,000 ks on mine as it had 17,000 on it when i bought it so total 154,000 ks and only replaced 2 fuel pumps,all other parts original.
  14. I do lean towards the ZX9R. It has been rightfully called "The Thinking Man's Superbike". I know a couple of mates who do long distances on them in comfort and the ZX was on my shopping list when I was looking to buy last time. Big, comfortable bike with around 150bhp, and sportsbike handling. What's not to like?

    One caveat, though. Do not buy a pre-2000 model. Early models up to this date (especially around 1998) had a known gearbox weakness that can cost a couple of grand to fix and parts are hard to get.

    Sling on a Ventura rack and a couple of throw-over panniers and go see Australia. You should be able to pick up a good one for under 8 grand. A far better bike that the older technology (and more thirsty) RF900

    Highly recommended.
  15. They're not underrated at all, every man and his dog knows what value they are.

    But the CBR600f2-f4 bear mentioning. Well within your budget and the archetypal sports tourer.

    You might consider more on the touring side, and a kawasaki GTR1000 goes forever, comes well equipped, and looks like great fun, GPZ900 engine, peaky high revving engine for a tourer, burns the rear tire easy.
  16. Yeah, but for the budget, you can (at least in the Eastern States) get a very nice late 8v or early 16v BMW K100/K1100 RS and enjoy superb ergonomics, metal that is not made of cheese, 100% off-the-shelf spares availability at prices comparable to that Kawa (oh yes), cheap insurance, immunity from police attention and an engine that, given oil changes, will last at least half a million kms.

    Not underrated as such, but I know quite a few people who own older Ks because they've found them to be the easiest big bikes around to run on a tight budget, contrary to popular belief amongst non-owners.
  17. (I'm with stupid)

    I bought an absolute CHERRY 1993 VFR750 which was set to replace the K. It's going to be sold again soon. I recently had a 3 day trip to Sydney to do and I deliberated for approximately 60 seconds as to which bike I would take before I started dragging the panniers out for the K.
  18. approx. selling price?
  19. FWIW, the 1993 was a nice bike but nowhere near as nice as the 1994-1997 model, which was lighter and has a much better reputation amongst the cognoscenti.
  20. You can get a mint '98-'02 model VFR800 for under 8 large. They tick all the boxes and from owning one for over 100,000 kms I can vouch for the quality of the build and all round performance. Throw a 929 fireblade shock at it and some fresh springs and valves in the front and go annoy some sports bike riders.