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Underdog Leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Nosme, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Underdog leathers, care and break in

    I should get my new 2 piece leathers soon. :D
    any good advice on products to care for my suit, and also break in advice

    Many thanks and merry christmas to all 8)
  2. I'm the Underdog agent for the ACT...

    Breaking leathers in is pretty much best done on the bike. You can always wear your brand-new leathers around the house for an evening, with lots of hunching over to stretch the back, lots of flexing of elbows to soften the leather there, and lots of crossing your arms in front of your chest to stretch the back, but, typically, it isn't necessary.

    In terms of caring for them... hang them up and let them air out after a longer ride. Clean with a moist, soapy towel
  3. Welcome to the forum and Merry Christmas to you to, too, Nosme.
  4. I am intrested in purchasing a Underdog 2 piece leather set. ( I wanted TigerAngel but could not justify the extra $600 on something that I will grow out of) :wink:

    Anyway can you buy Under Dog Leathers without their badges on them/ and or they removable ?

    Also who stocks UnderDog leathers (does Bikemart ?), are they in stock or do they have to be ordered in ?
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  6. Still on topic but a slightly different question...Does anyone own these? How do they rate there quality???Thanks
  7. a few of my mates wear them and reckon that if you can do without a brandname like alpinestars or dainese, then they're just as good. i haven't heard any of them say anything bad so far.
  8. fo the most part, if you can do without the flash advertising, the cheaper brands are pretty damn good :grin: i have seen a few that would rate well below par, but not from anyone thats been in business for a reasonable amount of time.

    a good test of a cheaper brand is to see how long they've been around. over a year and enuff people have normally tested the sales, aftersales, and most importantly the quality of their gear. the real crap ones dont stay around long and normally sell WAY too cheap. i'd be real sceptical on anyone selling a $350 suit :shock: might be a bargain, but buggered if i'd fork it over without seeing it first.

    [plug] try www.rmgear.com.au too :grin: [/plug]
  9. yea im also gonna be getting a made to measure underdog leather jacket made as none of the pre made leather jackets in any store here in sydney fit they are all too big.

    anyways wouldn't mind hearing of any crash testimonials anyone?????

  10. No Crash testimonial but I have an Underdog Jacket and think it's excellent quality for the price
    Real value for money.
  11. There you go Joe, told you that badge has to go. It's pig ugly :)
  12. Nev went sliding down the road in the jacket... the arm was crazed but still in tact. The bike was a write-off.

    Ps - his Levis jeans did not even have a scratch.

  13. i got a 2 piece leather set for when i started doing track days 1 year ago --great price and most of all it was tailored to fit me in all my curvy (fat) places plus i got to choose my colour pattern, which was a bonus and all to top it off it still is in pretty good shape and quite comfy--- the only thing i guess i dont like is the badge but i stitched off one side arm badge to put a race number on it--- :p
  14. Trust us Jo, it's not just the arm that is "crazed" its the whole lot of him :)
  15. Yes the logo needs a redesign .. looks like it was wipped up in a couple of seconds. It looked like a lobster claw untill i actually loked at it and realised it was meant to be the silluete of a bike. The text also needs more class i cant pick the font but its very plain and doesnt have that flair to it.
  16. I bought my leathers from this guy and i have already posted heaps of stuff about them, but in short, if you are buying leathers you cant not check them out, $400 for gloves, pants and jacket. The jacket is an alpine star copy and is not easy to spot the difference, you certainly feel like you are wearing quality, NOTHING at all, not an odd stitch or thread or anything makes you think its cheap gear.
  17. zachery what i thought, thats why i help the bloke out so much :grin:
  18. U can get 2 piece suit custom made to fit & you design the suit
    ie. free choice of colors (can use 3 colors)

    Design it online & u can see what it'll look like; u choose the color
    for each section of the suit, then u can order it.

    From memory around the $600 mark. If your interested I can look
    for the site
  19. Underdog Leathers are a Netrider Discount Partner offerring a 10% discount on all leathers, upon presentation of your membership card.

    Brown Bear Leathers, Scorpion Race Gear, and Race Master Riding Gear are also discount partners, offerring 10% discounts to members.
  20. I need a leather jacket.

    Who wants to donate one to me?

    Purely for testing and reviewing purposes of course :LOL: