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Underdog Leathers do they still exist?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Duffman, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. As per topic header...does Underdog Leathers still exist?

    I have contacted them via email on 2 occasions through both their listed WA contact and their main office address and i havent got any reply.

  2. Not sure, I know they were struggling there for a while, I havent spoken to the owner for a while.

    Useless response I know but..............
  3. OK,

    I just sent another email to their Vic email address and got a reply almost instantly from a Joe Power, the director. Evidently the WA distributor is no lo9nger with them, however Joe is happy to help. So perhaps my earlier emails simply got lost in the system either at my end or theirs.

    I will speak with Joe and report back.
  4. I think that Dale here also is a dealer. At least he was last year when someone was discussing them here and I enquired about the jeans product.
  5. I gave it away June last year and concentrated on my own jewellery repair/manufacturing business.
  6. Hehehe All in good time Vic. I haven't been back on the workbench since Cat's death, so the business is on hold for the short term.
  7. Hi all

    bit of an update on the Underdog Leathers story.
    Late yesterday i received this replay from Joe (the director):

    I assume he wouldn't mind me posting it up here...

    Gday Jonathon,

    You are correct in saying the website is a little dated. Two kids under the age of two will do that to you. Unfortunately things have changed a little and the website doesnt reflect it. The most significant change is that we no longer do custom sizing because it has become unreliable and unviable for the future of the company.

    Attached is a standard size chart. I have also reorientated the product range so that there a no options anymore. A standard two piece suit in leather is 999 and includes all previous upgrades in the price. Unfortunately the site shows a different price - albeit higher - which is good for you I guess.

    Ordering is slow unfortunately, because the suit is made overseas. Usual wait time is around 6 weeks. I can get it made faster but it costs an additional $300 to cover the cost of courier fees.

    The products are all top quality, its just I havent had time to get into the website and really update it in sometime. Apologies for that.



    Unfortunately i need some custom sizing for my tall, skinny, dorkish stature so i guess i'll continue to look at other options.