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QLD Undercover police?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Elogov, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Seen a lot of debate in relation to QLD's undercover cars floating around, curious on you're thoughts?.

    I personally see it as cheeky as $&@! & a possible situation where They could "bait" people into offending..

    image. but given its supposed to be undercover I can definitely see the light on the situation...

  2. Just a couple of the questionable pic's

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  3. If you're gonna be a bike cop, why not do it on a Busa!
  4. Looks good to me.
  5. Much prefer this over cameras.
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  6. Just a thought how can you "bait" people/riders into offendering? Now days I think everyone needs to blame others for their bad choices. That's why there are so many laws cause there are a lot stupid people out there wrecking it for others.
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  7. I was wondering how you bait someone in full police uniform. Ive seen the bike and yes is is covert, and you wouldn't pick it unless your close, but look at his gear?
  8. Fool you if you take a bait from a copper or any other fool. Use common sense and it and speed cameras won't be a problem.
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  9. Ever gone to overtake someone doing 90 in a 100 zone? Just for them to speed to 110 as you pass... Requiring you to do 120+ to safely pass?

    That's just someone being a prick every other day but if it where a cop whilst you pass @ 110+ you'd be pulled over.
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  10. I'm against covert operations such as this because I believe a highly visible police presence has the maximum impact on all road user behaviour in a possitive manner.

    Speed cameras and undercover operations usually meet budget kpis better though.
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  11. Those pipes are standard? Edit - just googled Busas and they are - Doh!
    Because people can't easily recognise them as cops, they'll treat them as every other bike rider, a few cops get seriously injured/killed and this little ploy won't last.
    On the other hand a few more cage nobs will be educated by surprise. I mean I still get people take offence to me filtering to the front and try to stay large in my mirrors after take off.
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  12. I don't see it as a bad thing ... at least so far I haven't been nabbed for anything ... my opinion may change though if I get stung LOL

    You used to be able to tell if it was an real police unmarked by checking the rego details as it would come up as 'unknown' but it seems that they now register them as 'commercial'.

    Of course with all the dashcams out there with people sharing their vids on various media sites it's all too easy to get sprung ...
  13. And thus the appeal of running cameras. In NSW increase speed while being overtaken is a $319 fine and 3 demerit points.
  14. Elogov if you continue riding over a 110km after overtaking and not slow down to the speed limit and it was an unmarked police car you deserve a ticket. Once finish overtaking you don't need to continue to speed.
  15. That's a hefty fine... Is it possible to be booked doing "X" amount of km under speed limit??.

    the other day I went to over take a speed trip on a 70k road in Brissy while he was cruising at 60 for awhile Turns out as soon as I passed he dropped a gear & wanted to race haha.
  16. The UK also has bike cops on busa
  17. You mean "unmarked". If they were undercover they'd never reveal themselves as police.
  18. Sure, I'll go with the technically correct terms of unmarked / covert.