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Undercover motorcycle police

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Conorkc, Dec 15, 2014.

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  2. Outstanding.

    Even better is the footage being shared so drivers can think twice about continuing using their phones.

    The last one in the clip with the Soccer Mum, along with the rider's comment, is gold on a number of levels.

    Good on them.
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  3. And some wonderful evidence of them (the police) breaking the law.
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  4. Only wish they would start pinging the dicks texting on the m 2 hiccupping from one side of their lane to the other! Not one or 2 people either I have done some rough counting (yes special needs I know!) and on one occasion of 100 cars 53 were texting... I am often on the bus not going any where quick and occupies while I rock backwards and forwards. The near misses I see are incredible!
  5. Good point, filtering is Illegal in WA isn't it?
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  6. That's not what stuck out to me. Wearing a GoPro or similar device on a helmet is, according to the police, illegal.
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  7. I think you will find that there are provisions within the policing act, loosely worded, to cover the filtering issue and the go pro...
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  8. "I assumed it was legal officer, I saw you doing it a few minutes ago"
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  9. Might be at risk of failing the attitude test with that response though :)
  10. Yes.

    I saw a marked bike pulling over a tradie last week after filtering through traffic in Perth. Tradie was talking on his phone. I must say I don't mind seeing them pulled over.

    I have never had an issue filtering in Perth, and I have been pulled over once for speeding, and a few times for RBT's on the bike with my SENA on the helmet, and nothing has ever been said. I do not have a gopro stuck on top of my head like an old TV aerial however.
  11. This is WA. I believe that they don't have the same view as Vic and NSW regarding cameras. In regard to lane filtering, it probably comes down to a necessity to carry out their duties.
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  12. Filtering is not specifically illegal in WA, although it can be quite difficult not to fall foul of assorted other laws.

    Cameras are a state issue so what may happen in the East can't be applied holus bolus to WA.

    No matter of either, though, because there are clauses in the Road Traffic Code allowing police, among others, to disregard most of the provisions of the Code in the execution of their duty provided it is "safe and reasonable" for them to do so.

    Personally I can see a second significant positive from this action by WAPOL, and that's a greater awareness, by the motoring public, of filtering bikes.
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  13. There's a loophole in WA, it's neither legal or illegal. The police usually let it slide, unless you're being a giant c*ck.
  14. Nice. Very very nice.
  15. I am a bit concerned about unmarked Police bikes being on the road, though do think it is a good thing as far as the mobile phone use goes. phone use is at epidemic levels:]
  16. Funnily enough I found out about this video from a woman I work with. She was 'shocked' that it was illegal to use the phone in the car at the lights. Needless to say I was shocked that anyone would be unaware of the law!
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  17. Anyone know what bike the cop was riding in the clip? Certainly didn't look like the standard sports tourer