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Undercover Motorcycle Parking - Mosman NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has (or knows someone who has) a lock up garage in Mosman?

    I'll be working in Spit Junction near Ourimbah Road.

    Anyone able to help?

    Already have checked out:
    but it doesn't look like there's anything undercover

    And am waiting on ads from GumTree to get back to me.

    Am willing to pay money for lock up garage use. Will need garage to be available 7 days a week.


    Hols :)
  2. Oh, should also mention, it's only for my bike. I don't drive a car, so even if you have just a motorcycle spot and a little, do let me know :)
  3. Found one place that I'm checking out tomorrow afternoon!

    Might not need this forum... thanks gumtree!
  4. Hey Holly, you be running my local bottle shop........is there a netrider discount scheme?

    When do you start?
  5. I start on Tuesday :D There's two V.C's there, I'm the one on Spit Road.

    How exciting! I'm not sure about discounts as of yet, but we'll see :)
  6. totally forgot to mention also, that i got undercover parking (with a LUG as well as a carport) for $20 a week!

    i scored :D
  7. there WAS parking in Greater Union, but they closed that ****er down because people (like me) abused it.
  8. yeah i know, i'm bummed about it.

    ah well, got my new personal spot and i've got it from tuesday onwards :D
  9. Hols,
    There are a few bikes that park at the back of the council chambers near the meals on wheels office, I think there is a bike bay there.
    You may get away with parking in bridgepoint undercover if you do not use a car spot but that would be far more risky.
  10. thanks karl, but already got my own personal parking spot, undercover and lock up.
  11. You're lucky to get an undercover parking space around there. The area (well, Cremorne at least) doesn't have many driveways to speak of in the side streets off Military Road.
  12. Yeah, was very lucky :) But it's on Spit Road, so a few more side streets and rather safe area.

    Also could only find 4 or 5 places to park around Mosman (on the net), one being $75, one being $25, one POA and mine, for $20.

    Very lucky indeed.
  13. Best of luck with the new job... don't drink the profits!
  14. I'm not a huge drinker, so they won't be worried there :)
  15. Just curious why people need undercover parking? So the seat doesn't get wet? Does it damage the paint or something?

  16. No, nothing like that. Basically because I want to be able to take off my wet gear, shove it in my bike bag, put on dry clothes for work, put umbrella up and walk to work after picking up a hot chocolate or breakfast (or both) and be dry and nice and presentable when I arrive at work. It also gives my gear a chance to dry, as I don't take it to work with me and it stays with my bike.

    Also, a lock up garage allows me to leave anything else there as well, if needs be. Like an overnight bag etc for when I go get laid after work with a hot dude at his house ;) Or whatever. :rofl:
  17. Haha, well thats very practical, and you never know holly, at least your prepared! :)
  18. indeed dude!