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Undercover cop bike on the monash today [VIC]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oohsam, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hey all.
    Didnt ride again today...but i did see a blue (didnt get the model/make of the bike) undercover cop bike who pulled a scooter over on the monash today. Right on the Toorak road off ramp...

    I have never seen an undercover bike b4...i was shocked.

  2. The cops have a maroon and a green BWM that play on the South Eastern and sometimes parts of the Westage.
    Commonly they still where the white cop helmet which is the normal givaway
  3. In adelaide i have seen a Dark blue BMW bike used as an undercover police bike. the rider was wearing a dark blue helmet with a lighter blue top that had tiny writing saying police on the back.

    So if you decided to do something silly and this guy was either behind you or coming the other way, then you wouldn't have a clue.

    Best thing to do, never trust a BMW rider. hehe
  4. There are a couple of under cover Tuono's going around somewhere.
  5. how do they pull you over do they have lights or do they just ride next to you and tell you to pull over.?
  6. he had his blue and red lights in his tail lights instead of the indicators (from what I could tell), didn't see the front, but he had pulled up a very tall chick around the same place that oosham saw.

    I was surprised as well, I have seen several marked bikes, but never an unmarked one
  7. Lil's been naughty ;)
  8. There's often a grey/blue BMW undercover bike on the eastern and alexandra pde. (be carefully lane splitting in the bicycle lane.. i learnt the hard way)

    The bike has clear lights so when there not flashing red and blue they look normal!

    He has a white helmet and blue/grey leather suit.
  9. thats just what i was thinking...but she is naughty all the time!
  10. Truck driver informed me today that there are 2 black unmarked bikes patrolling the Monash, and a black 4 dr vectra trolling Stud rd near rowville.
  11. wow is this for real? looks like princess hwy is the way out now damn
  12. I enter the Monash at Toorak rd and the police are often waiting there. They sit on Toorak road and watch the freeway, when they spy a splitter, off they go. Sometimes it is marked bikes, today it was an unmarked bike.

    I saw him waiting and rode carefully down the Monash, unfortunately for a guy on a Buell he hadn’t seen him and split past me, the cop rode at speed in the emergency lane and nabbed him soon enough.

    If you commute on the Monash, don’t split under Toorak road bridge then wait until you are around the curve a few km past the bridge before you go for it again!
  13. I saw that blue one pulling someone over near Hoppers Crossing a few weeks back too.
  14. Whatt!! "Someone I know" does that on a daily basis!
    Thanks for the heads-up, I thot it was "okay" for a m/bike to use the cycle lane ...?
  15. The unmarked i have seen;
    Husky 610 motard
    Blu VFR 800
    KTM EXC 450
    BMW K1200RT
    They all where the standard issue leathers and lovly white helmuts
    and the motards(they have more than 1) have a black box on the rear rack
  16. seen him once, waved at him and he nodded ha.
  17. I nodded once at a cop on a bike & he did a U turn to pull me up & say hello!

    Oh & also to check my licence, rego, roadworthiness & my personal safety gear!

    He must have been so pinged off when he couldn't get me for anything!

    Last time I ever nod at ham on 2 wheels!
  18. he must have thought you were being asmartass... i know i was lol but still.. thats a bit of an ass thing to do for someone saying hi to you.
  19. I did that once at a cop on the way to PI for superbikes. Lucky I wasn't the tail end cause he pulled in after us....Flipper was rolling her eyes and cursing me being on her best behaviour when the cop was following her for a distance while I merrily kept going totally oblivious (it was dark). :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I cbf riding to work anymore. From Blackburn to city it's all 80kph, and chockers on the monash. Dandy rd isn't much better, how depressing. Coppers can go find their revenue from somebody else.
  20. And according to the truckies I picked up on my walkie talkie today at work, there's a bike cop on a black suzuki patrolling the Monash. Truckie said you'd never suspect he was a copper either and that he was an evil barsted as well. haha.