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Undercover: A day with a Harley rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, May 23, 2005.

  1. Well, it sounds more sinister than it really was. My in-laws came up for the weekend for a visit... my father in law, a long time BMW rider, decided to hire a Harley for Sunday to fulfill a longtime ambition. After I gave him a bowl of nails for breakfast to get him into character for the experience, we headed off to hire the bike.

    It took 5 goes to turn over the engine, and included a costly stationary drop in the driveway of the hire place :( :LOL: , he was on his way astride what seemed like 10,000kgs of 'Night Train' something or other. He looks like a harley rider, grungy beard and all, so he fit right in.

    On the open road, his presence in front of me saw a lack of nodding that comes with the brand; this changed when I was leading :LOL:. Even the genuine harley riders (who were snacking on a few nails while they were riding) didn't nod at him. Must be his lack of club patches!

    Other sports bikes stayed behind me for a while, bemused at the fact that I wasn't attempting to overtake this sluggish noisy beast. They almost seemed to shake their heads as they blitzed by us.

    Kudos to my missus, running point with the rest of the family in the hyundai, who set a cracking pace for most of the day! She had a short (3 km) first stint as pillion on the R6 which she, even as a seasoned two-upper, thoroughly disliked :LOL: . The Harley had me beat hands down in that dept!

    Overall it was a good day, even the lesuirely cruise through the Advancetown sweepers - by far the best MC road I have ever laid eyes on - was taken at a friendly pace.

    I hope we have done something for sports bike-harley relations. :LOL:
  2. I got nodded by a bloke with a red VFR750 as I was pulling out of my driveway for my maiden voyage with the Honda Shadow!!! But I guess metric cruiser riders are a tiny bit different to HD? I nodded back :p Must be a Honda thing :pPPP
  3. I get nods from Harley riders - generally (to me) they're pretty friendly. They must feel sorry for me or something.
  4. hd and bmw riders are snobs
  5. All general statements are untrue
    (think about it) :LOL:
  6. :shock: Well to any parties playing on this thread I have joined this forum with one purpose.It appears that many of you like to either bag Harleys or their riders.There is a misconception I have read from some on this forum. I have AM NOT a snob and to quote someone elses words "I am the best accessory that my Hubbys bike has" but anyone who can find a HD rider who is a snob please let me now.I mean a real one not the wanna be that drags his bike out cause he wants an image.The majority have to be among the most decent people I have associated with however in saying this it is like all groups theres good,bad and ugly.I find the Harley a COMFORTABLE ride and as there are speed limits in place does it really matter that they don't low fly...does it??On other threads I have heard pinky somebody say that to go on a 1% ride as a female you have to be the entertainment.. :x ...Honey you need to get out more OR GO ON A POKER RUN. You might actualy meet club members or supporters and discover that your narrow minded attitude IS NOT warranted.In fact unless you go with an attitude like that you may even make some friends.I mean the friends that last a lifetime not the fly by nighters. Some of you are even saying on this forum that they act the big men in a group and are cowards alone to this I say find a HD rider with his patch and make those same utterings to him and you would be shitting teeth for a month. :cry: I'm all for free speech and the worst thing that can happen to any person is to be sensored but base it on fact not what you heard or the stereotypes that you have been fed by people who don't know any better. DM :D
  7. Welcome to the forum DM.
  8. :roll:
  9. I think raffiki's extracting the urine, so to speak.
  10. I hope he/ she is.

    Maybe a smiley or two would be in order.

    (I am a snob of course, just for the record.)
  11. Thanks for the welcome nearly empty! It gets my goat when people comment on that which they don't know in case you didn't guess.'spose I'll make lots of friends here :roll: DM