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Underage and unlicensed , help please

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by VTRBob, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Without going into all the juicy stuff, one of Nadeen's sons friends has been caught, riding around his local neighborhood parks etc on his twofiddy, back in Vic.

    Now naturally they are going the unlicensed,unregistered etc etc.
    I cant seem to explain to her in layman's terms. Why in the police brief there is an official RTA letter stating "at the time of this report ******* did not have a motorcycle license or has ever held one" .

    As she keeps saying, "he wasn't on a road so why does the no licence thing come into it?"

    So can someone help me in explaining why this is so :)
  2. Neighborhood parks, bushland, nature strips, off-street carparks, etc. are all defined within the traffic laws as being roads or road related area's. The rules apply equally to these, and thus you must be appropriately licensed and the bike registered to ride in these area's if local council laws allow it. (Most don't allow it in neighborhood parks etc.)

    National parks, state parks, and state forests are slightly different - you can have either a full license, or recretational license to ride in these, where allowed.
  3. It's all to do with insurance. He hits someone, who pays the bills?

    The only place you can ride unlicenced/unreg'ed is on private property. Same goes for National Parks - all trail bikes must be registered.
  4. In Victoria, TAC does :)
  5. Even unlicenced and no rego? If so, there'd have to be people who wouldn't bother and risk the fine and not get rego/licence
  6. A park is a Road Related Area as per Road Safety Act 1986. Essentially the RSA 86 applies to a Road or Road Related Area, therefore you must be licenced to operate a motor vehicle there.

    The only place that is not a Road/Road Related Area/Highway for the purpose of the RSA 86 is private property where the public has no access. So even a station road/fire track etc across private land is a road unless there is a locked gate at either end. And even then if it can be shown the public has access it's a Road.

  7. Boy, I have to get my typing speed up. So many replies while I'm trying to get a reply together... :roll:
  8. Yup, if you on a road or road related area and involved in an accident with or within a vehicle, then TAC covers you for injuries and rehab. The same reason a pedestrian hit by a bicycle (or bicycle by a reversing car) on teh sidewalks is fully covered by TAC too

    Many risk the no rego, no licence as they still get TAC. They generally term "unriders" and there's a push to have them removed from motorcycle accident/fatality statistics, as they aren't valid riders for the purposes of statistics.
  9. How did he get the bike there? Did he have to ride it on a public road? Is it feasible that it could have been pushed there? Then refer to all of the other above posts about what is & isn't private land!

    Good news though being underage the penalty should be relatively light!

    Poor Nadeen, she needed this like a hole in the head! Hang in there girl, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Girl you are invinceable!!!!!
  10. yeah you'd think so, but it was during one of the blitz's on off road riding,
  11. Why is it then that Bicycle Victoria has a membership Third Party Policy to cover injury claims for it's members if they bowl someone over.

    You'll also find a cyclist isn't covered for hitting a parked car either.

    If your statement is true and even if TAC has never been paid then something needs to be done to fix that.
  12. Thanks Mouth

    My day is complete, learned something already :cool:
  13. Bicycle paths (eg. inside a park, along a creek, etc.) are not considered roads or road related area's. Ride a bike and bowl someone over here, and you on your own.

    If your riding a bicycle and hit the open or opening door of a parked vehicle, or you are travelling to/from your place of work and hit any part of a vehicle (parked, stationery, or moving) then TAC covers you.

    Fix what?
  14. The fact you can get money out of TAC without an insured vehicle being involved.

    Unless it has changed in the past few years I seem to remember seeing several cases being shown on ACA & TT for kids riding into the back of unoccupied parked cars and the TAC extending the middle finger because the car was a road fixture and not in use at the time. Fair enough if they hit an opening door but if it's been sitting there all night why should my TAC policy pay for someone elses problem.

    As for the whole to & from work stuff, that's a tin of worms which I personally wouldn't want to open (TAC vs. WorkCover)

  15. TAC would only apply where the incident involves another vehicle who is registered and thus TPI insured.

    If they ran into a pole then there would be no insurance.
  16. ^^^^^Thankyou for the first COMPLETE and REFERENCED answer to a very common question!

    +1 also to needing licence and rego for "any public area, or any area which is private but the public can access".
    This is why you need licence and rego in a shopping centre carpark which is privately owned, in a national forest both on the road and in the bush, and in the carpark next to the racetrack. Pit areas and racetracks are typically defined as "restricted to authorised persons only, not general public access".