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under cover police motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wingsout, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Be weary Victorians

    word around town is they are everywhere....

    BMW 1200 (silver/black) , silver helmet, blue jacket, big GUN + pepper spray (sooooo undercover)

    saw one take the eastern fwy in peak hour this morning (obviously getting lane splits/emerg. laners) and doing beach rd laps on the weekend

    Play safe and have fun
  2. K1200S to be exact.

    Saw him in St.Kilda, has the sport expandable panniers bolted to it.

    Kinda looks like this
  3. in that colour scheme it almost looks like a gixxer thats let itself go a little over winter
  4. I'm often tired without any further encouragement to be that way, but thanks :LOL:
  5. Think I've seen that one in Cop Radio Ops in Collingwood.
  6. They've been around in different models for years, nothing new.
    But yes I'm pretty tired too.
  7. I've seen a black one of thse on the monash a while back.
    Meh....what can u do.
  8. This sort of thing has been going on for a long time now.
  9. If the NSW Police Force ever decides to get 1000cc bike like the R1, I would certainly sign up.
  10. ya all these guys crossed the road in front of me and just stared at this guy ... im like WTF its a BMW my ninja is 100 times better :wink: then i realised they were looking at his gun and wondering what the world had come to.. shooting the tyres of speeders?

    more like this vic..

  11. all jokes aside....that is the one of the best looking BM's i've ever seen vic
    awesome colour scheme...bet it hammers too
  12. Yes, I'd have it under cover as well, what with all the rain lately...
  13. I like this one a little more but then I'm biased.
  14. Just for Vic, although not an undercover bike , this is a russian police BMW bike.

  15. the thing about police motorbikers I've always wondered is do they teach them to shoot and ride and the same time?

    like one hand on the throttle, the other on the gun drawn? :LOL:
  16. plenty of these in adel, diff models as well...black helmets with navy "police" on them.

    With the blue jumpers or black motorcycle vests, pants, boots....they are very very hard to pick out.

    Must have a field day on traffic duties :p
  17. Well as long as they're not using the new BM Superbike, we should still be able to get away :LOL: :wink:
  18. I know a few people with that philosophy. Turns out, they werent faster than radios :|
  19. Obviously weren't on a Gixxer thou :LOL: :wink:
  20. Corrected for you :LOL: