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Under Armour Heat gear = black magic

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Barters81, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. So a couple of hours ago I picked up a long sleeve shirt and 3/4 pants from the Under Armour Heat Gear range.

    They are compression gear but the main idea behind this particular line is to assist in keeping cool. The thoery being that the garment draws moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling dry, while utilising the material to increase the effective evaporative surface area.

    Sounds logical.......so thought I'd give it a try and Under Armour is cheaper than brands like Skins etc which focus more on the compression side of things.

    So after an hour long ride with a vented leather jacket and thick bull-it kevlar jeans I can happily say that it was $80 well spent. This shit contains some sort of voodoo magic...seriously.

    Straight away I felt cool over my chest and down my back......I'm guessing where the bulk of the ventilated air from my jacket goes.

    My legs cooled off as well, but not as drastically as I don't get that good of airflow through my jeans. They're just too thick. I often think my ventilated leather pants are cooler. When I spread my knees on the highway I could definitely feeling a woosh of cool.....very pleasant.

    So does UA heat gear make it feel like 20 degrees when it's 30+? No.

    Does it make it a lot more comfortable to ride in 30+ degree heat? My initial impression is hell yes. I'm thinking those in states with drier heat would probably benefit more also due to it all working on evaporation.

    Anyway, thought I'd share an experience with something that might help someone here during summer periods.



    Anyone else out there use this sort of thing to help in Summer?
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  2. Cheers.

    I don't have the leggings but I've got wicking compression trunks and shirts from my misguided distance running days and yeah, they go alright on hotter days. They don't do squat when you're not moving but really, neither does anything else.
  3. Its good stuff. I've got a few coolmax shirts I wear that wick away the sweat and a coolmax undersuit thats magic under full (perforated) leathers.
  4. Yep I wear a very similar top and pants from shark leathers. It make a huge difference under both my race suit and casual road gear. Also makes getting in and out of the suit a lot easier
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  5. Sounds good but for some reason I never seem to be that shape when I put compression clothing on. :grumpy:
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  6. 61e4033a45a819e95c335446269e10fe.

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  7. I'm not over weight and manage to show a nice little muffin top in these.

    Suddenly realise how small my calf muscles are too........

    Oh well, good thing I'm hung like a sparrows tongue. o_O
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  8. Bought the same top half the other week. Haven't tried it yet but have another person in our group who rates it.
  9. I've got an old bladder,I'd want a fly in the leggings.
  10. I'd be keen to try this out. Does it really keep you cooler. (3/4 pants mmm. Not sure)
  11. I'd probably get the full length pants if I was buying again to be honest.

    It works very well, but I'd think the overall effectiveness of it would be a subjective thing to how one reacts to sweat cooling, how much you sweat and the airflow through your gear at any given time.

    Be warned though, as it does suck up the sweat they get a bit of a pong on.
  12. Ha ha so after a good day of riding things can be interesting lol. Coming into cooler months it probably won't be needed but for summer it sounds like it could make hot days and protective gear more bearable.
  13. Where you live, do you ever get warmer months?LOL
  14. Tassie mate.
    So without the airflow do they work as a thermal layer? For the winter rides
  15. I recently bought the heat gear and everything Barters81Barters81 says is right. Works great when its stinking hot and your sweaty and at the end of the day you smell like a toilet after a 3 day music festival! Highly recommended.
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  16. I've been wondering about the wind stopper stuff they have coming into winter.
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    I have something similar to what you wear in summer. In winter I layer up with merino thermal garments, which are thin, light and seem to keep the chill out mostly, but I am not riding in the type of extreme cold that our southern brothers and sisters could find themselves riding in.

    I mean, on my regular jaunt up to Maleney via Peachester, it might get down to 4 or 5 DEG on our early morning rides in the middle of winter in the coldest parts, but that would be as low as it gets I reckon and I don't see those temps for very long on a ride or very often. Never cold enough to see frost or anything like that, although one ride last winter there was a particularly heavy dew which I thought might be close on Stanley River Road.

    We usually stop at Maleney for breaky and by the time we move off an hour later for Kenilworth it has warmed up considerably though.
  18. I ride from Springfield into the city everyday rain hail or shine. Last winter it wasn't uncommon to be setting off at close to zero degrees at around 5:30am. The problem I have is the first 15 minutes of my journey is highway speeds so the damage is done by the time I get down to 60.

    Though, this year I'm going heated grips in all their collective glory.
  19. I rode to work last winter down the Sunshine Coast motorway ( 100KPH) at the same time of day on my way to work, although not a cold. More like 5 DEG

    Heated grips are nice, but I found that mine don't work as well on really cold mornings at that speed, because its so bloody cold!. LOL
    Mine are factory fitted to the S1000R though and only have two heat settings, so your aftermarket jobbies may vary.