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Undecided on bike - GSXR650 or R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Edit - Topic should say GSXR750...was a typo.

    Hey Yall,
    I been on my Hyosung for about 2 years now. Was a great bike to learn on and I've had some good times.
    Have clocked up 30 thousand K's and its probably worth a little over $200 at the moment with that many K's..LoL, but its done me well and still looks and runs great.

    Time has come to upgrade, and I was decided on an '07 R6. I can get one for relativliey cheap these days, however I had a look at a GSXR750, brand new (wwhite) and really loved it.

    I'm 6 foot 3, and wiegh 90kgs.
    The Gixxer is a bit more expensive, but I dont mind spending the money. I am jsut not sure what to get

    both breat bikes and im torn. Can someone offer some advice?
  2. Sure thing... Yamaha is better than Suzuki....theres your answer
  3. In all honesty, I didnt want this to be that type of disucssion!
    Yamaha and Suzuki make fantastic bikes....just wanted some honest user input..
  4. Really?

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  5. pfffft, inline 4's

    daytona 675


    Serious advice: Like every other bike review thread, go test ride the damn things... and make sure you discuss the full test ride - some test rides (well PS triumph) have a boring as bat shit route with no chance of leaning it over or really getting a feel for the handling. Yet PS dandy from what i've heard have aloud people to take the bike out for an hour or so and give it a good flogging.

    Get two good test rides sorted out then make a decision...

    Have fun choosing. :)
  6. 750 mate without a doubt. putting aside the fact that suzukis are better :p

    its just a better overall machine. more usable torque, more power, simmilar weight, less revy and will surely keep you satisfied longer
  7. I was gonna go for the 750 recently when i upgraded, but its too small for me im also 6'3 maybe your a smaller 6'3 then i am.

    I went the Gixxer thou when i was looking for a 750, it was actually cheaper to buy 2nd hand then the 750's and im lovin every second of it, plenty of room for taller riders heaps of power (enough to get you well over the speed limit in less then a couple of seconds) and heaps of torque plus its a lot more comfortable the the smaller 760 which im sure you know is the same size as the 600.
  8. Ride them man!

    There'll be a big difference in those 2 bikes - the yams going to be less use on the road, its set up like a track bike. the suzi's simmilar but the extra power down low makes a huge difference.

    RIDE THEM !!!!
  9. I ride a Daytona 675. Came from an older (2000 model) R1 before that. I chose the 675 for its usable low/mid-range power. The other 600's feel weak in the mid-range in comparison, although the 2008+ CBR600's aren't too bad.

    I rode a friend's '08 GSXR750 for a short bit, and I gotta say that it's a seriously good machine. Excellent balance, so easy to crank it over in complete confidence. Within 3 corners I was dragging my knees it was that easy. I thought mid-range was lacking, but that's only 'cos I was running it at 5000rpm, my ears having grown accustomed to the triple's lower engine note. Dropped it back two gears and it kicked arse, but even then, still a touch weaker than the 675 from down low. Mid-range upwards it kicks hard.

    Have not ridden an R6 recently (meaning, any of the newer peaky motor ones), but if they're weaker than a Kwaka ZX-636 (and they are a lot weaker in the mid-range), then they'd be frustrating as heck to ride.

    Given a choice of those two bikes (R6 vs GSXR750), I'd take the 750 every time.

    Just my 2c though....
  11. R6 is tiny, but goddamn agile. Im 6ft and finding it a bit uncomfortable, but you probably wont know until you go for a 15 minute + fang.
  12. Why not a Honda or Kawasaki, or even a Triumph?
  13. Really appreciate the replies guys. Such a great mix.

    It does seem I'm going to be too tall for the R6. I felt a bit crammed on it for the 10 mins I was sitting on it.
    I've booked a test ride for them both, all I've done so far is just sit on each and feel it, I know its nothing like taking it out for a decent ride.

    I was talking to a guy two days ago when I was getting my bike tyre changed, and he had a Honda fireblad e600RR and he was saying that its a great all round bike......and they do look great..
    I just feel the Suziki and Yami are much more advanced when it comes to sports bikes. No pun intended on the Hondas, they are great...the just seem a little unpolished. Or...I could be totally wrong!

    And quite frankly, I dont like triumph. Just a personal thing.
  14. "Too polished" is usually the criticism of modern Hondas (ie polished/efficient to the point of boredom),

    You'll probably find the current cbr600 to be pretty well rounded, it would be a crime not to at least try one in this comparison, you may be surprised :)
  15. Is that from speaking by experience after having ridden one?
  16. at 6'2" and 110kg I personally can not even fathom anything being able to shift my bulk other than a 1000cc bike
  17. I'm 6 ft and 90kg jumped off a 06 zx12r onto gsxr750k9, the 750's only down fall is the lack of mid range power.
    new exaust and a pcv made a bit of difference.
    I'm happy with the bike, but as others have said try it first, if you like it buy it if not find something that suits you
  18. I think its obvious what i prefer :) Mines a bit older but still prefer it to recent R6s.
  19. I'm biased too

  20. I havn't ridden one, nor do I want to.
    Like I said, no offence, I just dont like them. I would never consider one...
    I'm sure they are great bikes, but its not what I want..

    Thanks for the response guys....
    I'll see how I go, and hopefully you'll see some pics of my new bike soon!