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Uncool practise from mechanic - unsolicited advertsing...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by urbansloth, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Tried a new mechanic for my last handbook service - great service, reasonable pricing, good bloke, very helpful. Left satisfied.

    Then when I got home I noticed he had stuck a sticker for his business right in the middle of my tail faring, which ticked me off somewhat - how dare he modify my bike's look/appearance with his advertising? :censored:

    Anyway, I know how I'll be dealing with it (returning this weekend, make him remove it without damage, compensated, discounts, blah blah blah), but am interested in other's opinions here - do you agree? Am I rightfully p1ssed off...?

    PS: I won't name and shame just yet (at least until it is resolved and they have had the chance to right the wrong) - PM if you want to know who.

  2. That would piss me off too! I even hate it when a dealer has their stickers/plate surrounds on a vehicle I buy, first thing that comes off.

    Definitely not cool for a mechanic to do that.
  3. A pic would help.
    My bike came with the dealers sticker on the tail and almost 2 years later I still havent got around to pealing it off.

    I think his sticker loose in the warranty book would have been a better option but unless its a big ugly mother of a sticker you may be a little sensitive.
  4. I'd be rather unhappy about that, though I'd just peel it off and email them a complaint about their practice.
  5. Pic is a bit too hard (bike is now 40km away) - its a sticker about 2 inches by 3 inches on the middle of the pillion cover on a K7 gixxer - they're not that big, so it dominates the look if you know what I mean.

    Yep you're dead right, I'm definitely sensitive about it - no argument there. I love the look of my bike, and imho no one should be changing it but me. I'm just after a quick straw poll and how many would care - so I take it you'd fall on the "not too fussed" side of the fence then?

    Stands at 1-1 at the moment...2-1 if I can count myself... :wink:


    dave out...
  6. And originally was going to - peeled the corner and the glue was getting all left behind....then thought what would happen if the paint of the faring was damaged (yeah, yeah, but you never know)? So thought, nup, he can remove it, and ensure there's no damage. And I would like to register my disapproval in person too, give him a chance of rebuttal at least.
  7. Mate I think I missunderstood where the sticker was. If you're saying its in the middle of the seat cowl thats a different story:twisted:

    Thats not on. Get up them.......

    EDIT: Not on the cowl either I dont think :) Tail is just as bad form wise.
  8. JMD here in Adelaide has the same sticker everything policy. I was a bit annoyed as well, but it was only a minute of my time to remove it and they never put it back.
  9. I would be pissed.
  10. I specifically ask no stickers on my car, windshield or numberplate surrounds.

    Stickers are for 10yr olds and bogans in Commodores who need to be reminded HOLDEN made their car.
  11. Not on!

    You should leave a sticker on there that says not to put any stickers on, so they know.
  12. or that they stole a trust intercooler.
  13. Putting stickers on a bike is paramount to sponsorship, so if he wants to do all your servicing for free tell him to go nuts, if not, then sure ask him to remove it.
  14. This was once common practice.

    You are kidding yourself with the compensation, discounts etc. rubbish.
    Explain to this mechanic that you are not happy with this, and I'm sure he wont do it again.
    Stop being such a sook, and peel it off.
  15. First thing I did when I bought my bike was take the sticker off. Though to be fair the dealer asked permission to put a sticker on - I just didn't realise that he wasn't talking about a registration sticker or something when he said it.

  16. Have to say I agree with Joel,

    I wouldn't like it either and I would

    • Remove it
    • When I went back for another service I would ell him I don't want a sticker put on my bike under any circumstances
    • Suggest some business cards would be better, after all if they are good mechanics most people would be only to happy to recommend them and pass on their card

    What I wouldn't do is sook up and post on Netrider having a cry because my mechanic stuck a sticker on my bike..and to ask them for compensation LOL FFS precious get over yourself!

    If he had damaged your bike and he told you to go jump and you didn't get a satisfactory resolution I could understand you having a whinge, but you haven't even approached him yet... you could have done so when you picked it up if it so noticeable...but you didn't, instead you come on here and have a sook...

    If it so annoying peel the corner of the sticker off and wax and grease remover will take care of any residue..

    FFS what is wrong with poeple today, internet whinging is the new black](*,)
  17. I to was once asked where the sticker was when I peeled it off my car. Told the sales manager that I waited and waited and the advertising cheque never arrived so I removed it.
  18. Not cool at all. I would have blown my lid at them
  19. Look, sorry for offending your loftier moral standards - but you do remind me of the people that write letters about being offended by TV shows - if you don't like this so much you don't have to read/watch it...

    But hey, it wouldn't be a forum thread without some blatant flame-baiting, we can now tick that box.. ;)

    For background, I conducted a straw poll amongst a few of my rider friends "IRL", who were equally divided. So curiosity led me here to get a larger sample set - if that's a "whingeing" crime, then guilty as charged your honour. Whatever, I have my answer now, and you've managed to vent some stress - win/win.

    As you were...
  20. You don't know Bamm-Bamm. A man more precious about his bike you'll be hard to meet. Pretty happy to tell people what he thinks too. But why don't you just remove it and the next time, ask them not to put a sticker on the bike. That way everyone is happy. You get a good bike mechanic (hard to find), a sticker-less bike, he gets a happy customer who he can use for repeat business.