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Uncomfortable riding position

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robthewasp, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Just bought a Honda Hornet 600 and Im finding it very uncomfortable around the.....er......crotch area. I upgraded recently from a CBR125 and that was comfy as.

    Im finding the seat position quite high compared to my last bike, maybe thats the problem..or maybe its the larger petrol tank, I dont know. (Maybe Im just not used to it yet).

    Its really pi$$ing me off, as Im not really enjoying being on my new bike. Anyone else have this problem or any suggestions?

  2. Remove the socks from the front of your pants.

    And welcome to NR.
  3. Ey Mate,

    If i were you id just give it time. You ll adjust. Ive only ever had a hyosung GT250R (now sold) and rode a honda 400cc cruiser around thailand. I have however sat on lots of different bikes and every bike is different. Your probably just adjusting from your old bike to your new bikes. Give it a few weeks and a few good rides and im sure youll adjust after a while
  4. well new bikes can be exciting now cant they. you're more upright now and thus more ball squishy. you'll get it sorted.
  5. move back from the tank a little bit.
  6. thanks guys, guess its a matter of getting used to it so...
  7. I dont think you will get used to it unfortunately.

    Im not sure how your CBR125 was more comfortable, was it more upright? Is the position of the footpegs forcing you to lean foward onto your groin?

    I have this problem on a little suzuki across. If the bike doesnt fit you now it never will, your body has to contort to it somehow. Which gets painful.
  8. ill give ya $4k for it
  9. the 125 was less upright, which doesnt really make sense as my new bike feels like its crushing me more.
  10. Are you trying to lean against the tank on the hornet?
    Or are you sitting back a bit from it.
  11. less upright = balls back
    upright = balls forward
    believe it or not your balls are actually more forward than you think. when you push your ass back your little fellas lift up too
  12. Ive found the 600 seats generally feel alot higher than the 250's. Most 250's ive ridden (and i assume the 125 is similar to a 250) you feel like your sitting more down in the bike where is the 600's the seat generally feels a bit higher
  13. This may sound stupid, but is there a way of raising the footpegs?
  14. You will adjust to it, you have gone from a motorised pushbike to an actual motorbike :LOL:

    Harden the fcuk up , you will be right....
  15. dont be a douch.. he is learning to ride the bike, it takes time to get comfortable and in sync with your bike.
  16. If he doesnt fit on the bike, he doesnt fit. Only he can make that call. Whats hard to understand about that?

  17. +1

    It's like fitting a xs helmet on a l head, just doesn't work.
  18. How tall are you, how far forward do you sit?
  19. you need a re-build to fit

  20. You saying robthewasp is well hung?